January 28, 2018

100th Day of School with Oriental Trading)


We celebrated our 100th Day of School this past week. It is one of my VERY favorite days! I received a few things from Oriental Trading that I wanted to share with you!



First up.. are these awesome fish scenes with 100 stickers! PERFECT for the 100th day.


My first graders loved these! Like.. SERIOUSLY loved them!


Ordering Link: Fish Bowl Sticker Scenes

They have other sticker scenes too for you to check out too! 


Another sticker product from Oriental Trading were these mini smiley faces. I have done these counting mats for several years with stickers but I found these little emoji looking ones this year that were perfect.

They are perfect because they have exactly 100 stickers on a sheet (with 10 different faces!) so they are PERFECT for the counting mats.


Ordering Link: Mini Smiley Face Stickers

Oriental has a HUGE sticker selection that are great for teachers!


I also got a few “gifts” for my students that I gave out at the end of the day. These dog tag type necklaces were a hit and they are still wearing them!



And, every kid in the world loves a slap bracelet.. right?!?


These were fun and a bit hit too!

Ordering Link: 100th Day of Fun Products

Disclaimer: Oriental Trading is seriously one of my favorite resources for my classroom. They do send me items for promotion in exchange for a blog post/review. However, I truly am happy with these products and I am glad to tell my teacher friends all about their products.


  1. You made some awesome selections! I bet your kids had a lot of fun celebrating their 100th day of school.

  2. Hey Kacey, I have a few days before out 100th day, you've inspired me with your selections. I love visiting your site and thinking about emulating some of your activities for my 2nd graders.
    Any plans to bring back Five for Friday? I really miss visiting all the sites that linked up. It also kept me on my toes to be more purposeful with documenting what we are doing in our classroom.
    iTeach 2nd