April 8, 2018

Spring Directed Drawings


There is nothing I love more than a fun directed drawing. This set of Spring Directed Drawings are not a new product- but always something I look forward to each year!


I framed these bugs as an end of the year gift to my first graders last year.

You can find these in my TpT store: Spring Directed Drawings

February 5, 2018

Sticker Stash


Oriental Trading has fixed my sticker shortage .. at least for a few weeks!


They have such a large and fun selection! My kids went crazy over some of these new choices!


My students have sticker charts that when full they earn a trip to the treasure chest. So, most of these will be used for their charts.


These monster ones are HUGE!


I love these stickers on a roll because I can tear them apart and leave them on their desk or stapled to their papers.


Hop over and check out the selection!

Oriental Trading Stickers

Disclaimer: Oriental Trading is seriously one of my favorite resources for my classroom. They do send me items for promotion in exchange for a blog post/review. However, I truly am happy with these products and I am glad to tell my teacher friends all about their products.

January 28, 2018

100th Day of School with Oriental Trading)


We celebrated our 100th Day of School this past week. It is one of my VERY favorite days! I received a few things from Oriental Trading that I wanted to share with you!



First up.. are these awesome fish scenes with 100 stickers! PERFECT for the 100th day.


My first graders loved these! Like.. SERIOUSLY loved them!


Ordering Link: Fish Bowl Sticker Scenes

They have other sticker scenes too for you to check out too! 


Another sticker product from Oriental Trading were these mini smiley faces. I have done these counting mats for several years with stickers but I found these little emoji looking ones this year that were perfect.

They are perfect because they have exactly 100 stickers on a sheet (with 10 different faces!) so they are PERFECT for the counting mats.


Ordering Link: Mini Smiley Face Stickers

Oriental has a HUGE sticker selection that are great for teachers!


I also got a few “gifts” for my students that I gave out at the end of the day. These dog tag type necklaces were a hit and they are still wearing them!



And, every kid in the world loves a slap bracelet.. right?!?


These were fun and a bit hit too!

Ordering Link: 100th Day of Fun Products

Disclaimer: Oriental Trading is seriously one of my favorite resources for my classroom. They do send me items for promotion in exchange for a blog post/review. However, I truly am happy with these products and I am glad to tell my teacher friends all about their products.

January 21, 2018

Tic Tac Toe (fun for the WHOLE YEAR!)


I have played Tic Tac Toe on and off for years with my first graders. But, this year.. we have taken it to a WHOLE new level. We play tic tac toe to decide who gets to do something (winner gets to go first, winner gets to pick first, etc…) and we have recently been having Tic Tac Toe tournaments. Where they play until only one person is left and is the classroom winner!


Our weather has been yucky the last two weeks and I catch my students playing tic tac toe as a free choice during inside recess time. It is a win/win for all!


I put all my game pieces together in a file and uploaded it to Teachers Pay Teachers this morning. (link below)


This pack includes a game board (you can print as many copies as you want) and 36 different game pieces. There are choices for holidays, animals, school supplies, sports, and so much more!


If you are interested you can check it out in my store or the link below.


Quick Link: Tic Tac Toe for the whole year!

December 27, 2017

+10 and–10 Math Facts Printables


+10 and -10 Math Facts Printable Worksheets
Simple .. No Fuss .. Print and Go!


Includes 24 sheets for adding ten and subtracting ten from a number in math fact form.


This set includes:
(1) Vertical +10 facts
(2) Vertical -10 facts
(3) Horizontal +10 facts
(4) Horizontal -10 facts
(5) Horizontal mixed (+10 and -10) facts
(6) Cut and Paste Printables


Perfect for morning work, extra practice, reinforcement, homework or quick assessments.


I also project these onto my white board and use them in a whole group activity.


My first graders enjoy these and I love having them prepped for time fillers and extra work.


Quick Link:

Plus 10 and Minus 10 Math Facts Printable Worksheets

December 9, 2017

Student Christmas Gifts


All of my student gifts this year came from Oriental Trading. It makes my shopping so easy and my school kids happy! It’s a win- win for sure!

I am always excited to get to partner with Oriental Trading and share my love of this company with my teacher friends! They allowed me to pick a few items exchange for an honest review.

I seriously am very happy with my Christmas items and would love to tell you about them…


I got these super sweet fuzzy bears for my girls. I was really pleased with the quality of these cute stuffed animals. They are super soft! I think they will be a big hit.

(The boys are getting matchbox cars!)

IMG_4074        IMG_4078


I also got these so cute Christmas footballs for everyone!


They will love these super squishy little balls. Super quality and so much fun!


I also cannot believe I got what is in these little square packages…

…oh yes, I did!


Christmas fidget spinners! These are so cute! I am not a fan of a fidget spinner BUT I could not pass these up! And, they are great quality! My first graders will love them!


I also love these glitter Christmas stickers I got for the outside of the presents! They are sparkly and fun!


And they will also love this Roll Tape Gum! How cute are the dispensers!

You can check out all of this Christmas fun on Oriental Trading’s Christmas page! They have a ton of items for crafts, your class party, stocking stuffers, and more! Have fun shopping!

Oriental Trading Christmas Goodies

Oriental Trading Stocking Stuffers

November 27, 2017

Cyber Monday Sales


Teachers Pay Teachers is having a BIG SALE and you don’t want to miss this opportunity to save on new products. My whole store is on sale and if you enter code cyber17 you get even more savings!

Doodle Bugs Teaching Store


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