January 31, 2016

100th Day Fun!

Our 100th Day of School was last week and we had a blast celebrating. This year it was SUPER low key! I had actually NOT planned on doing much for the day but at the last minute I decided to plan some fun! In the past I have gone all out with balloons, snacks, cupcakes, prizes and more!!  But, this year, I literally used what I had and did not spend hours and hours planning and prepping the day! 

I actually all ready had streamers hanging from my door leftover from my own birthday surprise. So, I took the birthday signs down and made a 100th day sign using white bulletin board paper & markers.

I broke my day into seven centers/rotations. These mostly took the bulk of the day. Each center was 15 minutes long and was the right amount of time before moving to the next stop. 

When they finished each center they worked on these counting sheets before it was time to rotate to the next one. They were perfect early finisher activities that kept them busy and working!

So, here is a look at my seven rotations....
Count the stars: Students had to look at the star paper and count each color star. I also had a few groups tally the numbers too. 
Linking Cubes: Link 10 colors of 10 cubes together to make a HUGE 100 tower! If they finished this center in the 15 minutes they were given they won a sticker for their sticker chart. {a full sticker chart = a trip to the treasure box}. 
Stacking Cups: Students had to stack 100 cups with at least 4 layers in 15 minutes. They received a sticker for this center too if they accomplished their goal. I used small mouthwash cups. They take up less room and are a TON less noisy when they fall since they are paper and not plastic.
We use popsicle sticks often to practice tally marks but we have never used them to make 100. This was another teamwork center that they tried to finish and get it correct in the 15 minutes time frame.
Yes or No? Does each container have 100 items. The conversations at this table were hilarious! They took this center very serious. At the end of the day we counted the objects and if they got 6 or more answers right they received  a sticker. In the past I usually do this whole group but I decided to put it in as a center rotation this year. It works well either way. 
Sentence Writing and Coloring Paper: I had my first graders do the sentences first and color when they finished. Most of them did not finish the coloring during their 15 minutes so they just took it to their desk to finish when they had extra time. It was another good time filler for early finishers.
100 chart hidden picture: I gave my students the option to do this alone or they could work together to finish the paper. Most of them chose to work alone. I was good with that decision since three of the centers focused on teamwork. 

These centers took very little prep time but my first graders had a great time. 

We also squeezed in cutting 100 smiley faces to hang on our hall bulletin board. 

All of these activities and much, much more are included in my 100th Day of Fun Unit. I have had this unit for several years but I have added and updated a lot of stuff in it. If you have it make sure to download it again to get the updates.

There is enough in the unit to last all week if you would rather stretch your 100th day celebration over a week instead of packing all the fun into one day.

Happy 100th day to you!!


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  2. Hi Kacey, I happened to notice in the photos that you have those foam floor mats that jigsaw together. I am considering them and wondered if you like them. Can kids build with blocks and not knock them down just be walking close by on the mat-- in other words how squishy are they? And have they held up well? Thanks, Kathleen