August 12, 2011

Classroom Pics- Post #3


Day #2 is done.. whew! Remember I said I had a date this afternoon..

my couch and dvr are awaiting.

Here are a few more classroom pictures.


I made these words for my hall bulletin board but then I changed my mind about what I wanted to do.. so, I put them up in my room.  I love the colors!


This is the main bulletin board in our hallway. I was assigned August as my month.. This board is huge- it looks like a normal size in this picture but it actually is much larger than it looks.

I also have to admit that my mom painted the sun.. she took over that project for me!


This is the bulletin board right outside of my classroom. I always put my student’s names on this board but they wouldn’t fit with the alligator so I put names on my door right

Alright.. gotta go.. Big Brother, General Hospital, and America’s Got Talent area all waiting for me!


  1. Lots of great pictures. Thanks for sharing. It's fun looking at other classrooms. I don't go back 'til September so my room isn't set up yet.

    Grade ONEderful

  2. Awesome letters!! how did u make them?


    enjoy the relaxing!!

  3. Love all your bulletin boards! They look great!

  4. Yea those letters are seriously delightful! Did you use a cricut or something of that sort? I'm loving all of your boards!!!

  5. I really have to agree... I love the letters. Are those hand-drawn? By the way your mom is a regular Eric Carle ;0)


  6. I really 'NEED' to know what cartridge or font you used for the alligator board. I love it!

  7. Your bulletin boards are gorgeous! :) I must know about the lettering as well! :)