August 13, 2011

Classroom Pics- Picture post #4


Hope you are having a great Saturday. I am busy working on stationery orders and trying to catch up on emails. I’m taking a little break to share the last of my classroom pictures with you.. These are just random shots but I will “explain” a few things in each one.


This is the table right beside my door. Students put their folders in the basket when they come in every morning. I put their morning work on my stool every morning. So, they pick up their work when they walk by.

The small bulletin board is where I hang pictures of my students. Especially if they are in the newspaper. I live in a small town so this board will be full of newspaper clipping before the end of the year.

The purple bucket underneath the table is the magazine bucket. I use magazines a lot with my first graders.


Bible verse above the door.. benefits of teaching in a private, Christian school!!


These are the name labels for my coat hooks. The graphics are from Lettering Delights.


My desk area- and whooo hooo .. look how clean!! Any other time there are STACKS of stuff! I am a really organized person but I also have lots of stuff!

The sign above my computer hung outside my door for awhile. I made it a few summers ago.

The purple bulletin board behind my desk is where I hang personal stuff or important notes/memos that I need to see frequently.


Cubby area.
This picture was taken before my students arrived but soon they will have a math and phonics workbook. We also store center or work that needs to be finished in the cubbies.

My mom made my precious curtains. They have animals on them. I hate I don’t have a close up view because the fabric is awesome! They have been hanging in my room for 5 years now.

The I ♥ Mrs. Kacey poster was a former student’s 100 day project. You can’t tell but the letters are acorns glued to the poster. So there are 100 of them.. precious!

And there is our little gumball machine!! My new first graders are loving it too!

We have desk- and I have a love/hate relationship with them. I love them when I am teaching whole group. I hate them when are doing centers or group activities. We spend lots of time on the floor..In my dream classroom I would have desk and table space for each student.


This is a view from my desk looking toward by door.

You can see my little reading table {with my smurfs, HA!} and the book shelves with all my books.

And, yep.. I really, really do NEED all those plastic buckets and baskets stacked up on top!!! HA! You can never have enough can you??


This is looking from the door to my desk.

024 (2)

Close up of my stool.. my mom painted it the same time she made my curtains..

Have a great weekend.. I am off to work on my orders. Tomorrow I need to do some lesson planning.

It’s all about Brown Bear, Brown Bear for us next week.. we are ready to review and practice those color words!!


  1. Your room looks great! I LOVE your stool!
    Funky First Grade Fun

  2. Great room! I was wondering the name of the animals you used for kids name tags. I couldn't find it at lettering delights.
    Tonia Vento Redlands,CA

  3. Thanks for sharing classroom pics! Your mom is quite the artist--holy moley! Love it!
    Mrs.Miner’s Monkey Business

  4. The color of your room makes me so happy and calm. LOVE it! I also am blessed and called to teach in a Christian school. It's the life, huh?!

  5. I can see that you put a lot of effort in getting your room organized for your students. I can also see that YOU CARE!

  6. Wow, your classroom looks fabulous! What a wonderful learning space for your lucky class. Lucky you, also, to have such a clever Mum... your stool is so cute!! I cannot wait to have a classroom of my own to organise:)
    Good Morning Mrs Rubie

  7. I LOVE that you have "old fashioned" desks and wooden chairs! Your room looks great!! LOVE the nametags for your hooks! Precious!

  8. I love your room - and I didn't see any clutter from lack of closets! How lucky are you to have a mom that helps out so much - and is artistic to boot! I love the barrel of monkets idea too. And, you reminded me that I have to get a basket for my kinders to put their planners every morning - how could I have forgotten that?! Thank you!

    Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten

  9. Thanks for sharing your classroom pics. I teach in a Christian school too; it's nice to see other Christian classroom photos. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Great room! If you get a couple minutes (I know that is a crazy thought at this time of the year), could you tell me how you made the name tags for your kiddos. They are precious and I am a little "clip art challenged." Thanks...Darcy

  11. The stool looks great. Your mom has found a good use for her artistic talent. That would add a great deal of character to any room.

    Thank you for sharing,