August 11, 2011

Classroom Pics–Post #2


Well, I survived the first day.. and I am TIRED! Just like every year.. I wonder if I have enough patience to “train” another group.. but, I am sure I have plenty.


This is my calendar/morning board corner.

The board on the left side is where I display good work each week. If a student’s paper gets selected to go on the board they earn a sticker for their sticker chart.


Here is a close up of my calendar board. I want to put birthdays in that empty spot where I put the “welcome back to school” sign.. but after thinking about it I think I am going to put birthdays above the board on the wall.. so I need something else for that big empty spot..

I do like to put something seasonal or something theme/unit related on my board to change it a little throughout the year but I think that space is too big and it looks empty right now.



Front view- with money signs and community supply shelf.



My kids keep their own school supply box with pencils, colors and a glue stick. This shelf is here for when they need something they don’t have.


Tomorrow is another 1/2 day.. thankfully. I am not ready for a whole day yet!


Stephanie said...

Glad you made it through your first day. It always is a Make It Through kind of day. :) Your room looks great!

Cyndy said...

Your room looks great! I love the way your coins are clouded like that! I pinned it so I can re-create it! Hope you don't mind!
Counting with Coffee

Cindy Solomon said...

This is the time of year when you realize how far you got your last class and try desperately to remember how you got them there. I had half of my class today and I'm so exhausted.

Elizabeth said...

Your room looks so nice!
- Elizabeth

Mrs. Lochridge said...

I love all the bright colors in your classroom! It is inviting. I especially L.O.V.E. your money clouds under your whiteboard. Keep up the fabulous work.

First Grade Factory

Matthew and Lisa said...

LOVE the coins...did you free hand draw the words or are they a font?

Team Carroll said...

Your classroom is so dang neat & organized!! LOVE it! Those money posters are INsanely cute...MUST have them!! HA!! But seriously, all of your stuff is always so dang cute!! I love that y'all start the year with half days. Great idea!!!

Cara :)
The First Grade Parade

Sneaker Teacher said...

Looks great! I can't wait to get back in my classroom and get it ready for another year. Last year was my first year teaching Kinder and I am excited to go back with the knowledge I have from last year and make some improvements!


juke said...

great looking room ! love your blog !


Anonymous said...

Looks good and your money cloud pin on pinterest has really taken off (it is what brought me here and I keep seeing repins of it). A whole blog post on them would be fabulous. :)

Mrs. "Bossy" said...

Love all of your colors and bulletin boards! Question: Did you make all of the super large letters for your bulletin boards? If so, how? I am loving them! Thanks!
p.s. I also am a GH fan! Enjoy getting caught up!

AnnaL said...

Your room looks awesome!! I would love to know how you made your money clouds!

One Crafty Cupcake said...

Where did you get the blue and green tiles that look like a rug?

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