September 20, 2015

Ordering Numbers from Least to Greatest Math Unit


Ordering numbers from least to greatest is always a skill that I work on all year long. But, I usually spend a good bit of time the first quarter of the year really modeling and practicing with my first graders.

This unit is all about ordering numbers from least to greatest. It features number cards, center activities, puzzles and printables.

Here is a look at what is included…

Number puzzles

PicMonkey Collage1

There are 12 number puzzles included in this unit. Each puzzle has 8 number pieces for students to order and form an animal.

Number Mats & Cards

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12 sets of number cards are included.

These are great for the teacher table during small math groups.

Black and White Number Cards

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These cards are meant to be printed or copied on colored paper for added pop BUT to save on ink! Numbers 1-120 are included. They fit perfect in a pocket chart but could be used on the floor, table or on a student’s desk.

I split these cards into groups of 20 cards and pair students up to order them from least to greatest.

Ice Cream Craftivity

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This tall ice cream activity was a huge hit with my first graders a few weeks ago. They were engaged and having a great time while learning.. and in return I got to display some colorful masterpieces!


Colorful Number Cards

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These number cards are just like the black and white version but in a simple colorful design. I split these into groups of 30 cards and will use these throughout the year as math centers.

Center Cards & Recording Sheets

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Also included in this unit are 8 sets of cards & recording sheets for easy and quick centers.

Caterpillar Craftivity


These caterpillars are currently hanging up in our classroom. On Tuesday my kids sprinkle in and out during a 30 minute time frame to go check out books from the library so I always need an activity that is fun but can be put down and picked up as the students come and go. This was PERFECT!

Cut and Paste Printables


I love cut and paste activities for morning work. And these will fit in through out the year. I usually copy at least one of the sheets on colored paper so they are not gluing white paper onto white paper. I just like how the color makes it a little bit more eye-appealing. There are 6 of the cut and paste printables included.

1/2 Page Ordering Sheets


I have actually been using these as homework. There are 12 different sheets. Each sheet is a 1/2 of a page to save on copies!

Extra Practice Printables

IMG_0062  IMG_0063

I did not need these worksheets/printables in class. So, I made copies and bundled them together to send home as extra practice with a select few kiddos who could benefit having them at home. They are not required homework but I hope parents will take advantage of using them for extra practice.

This pack is jammed packed with all these activities.

It’s 100 pages long and can last all year!


If you are interested here is the link:

Ordering Numbers from Least to Greatest Math Unit

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  1. What fun and colorful activities. I love the ice cream scoops and puzzles. Your kids are so lucky to have such a creative and engaging teacher. Thanks for sharing!