September 18, 2015

Five for Friday {Linky Party.. September 18th}


Five for Friday is a weekly teacher linky party where you post five random things from today or this past week and on your blog. Then, you come back and link your blog post up at the bottom of this post in the linky tool.Grab the button above and link back to this post on your blog.

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The very first product I made and listed on TpT was this Mouse Math Centers Unit. And, I literally HATED to catch a glimpse of it! It really, really, REALLY needed a makeover and a new look. So, this week I gave it a fresh new look! And, it is just in time for me to do a mouse unit in a few weeks!

IMG_0075   IMG_0082IMG_0088  IMG_0091IMG_0096  IMG_0100

Quick Link: Mouse Math Centers

**If you all ready own this product you can re download and get the new version for free!


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Last week I showed you a ice cream craftivity that we made with numbers to practice ordering from least to greatest.

IMG_0052 IMG_0005

This week we made these caterpillars.


They are both in my new Ordering Numbers Unit

I will be blogging about my newest product soon. I have been using it with my first graders the last two weeks and it fits in perfect with my ordering numbers lessons.

Quick Link: Ordering Numbers from Least to Greatest

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Have you seen this adorable Kaysie Morris? She makes this fun You Tube videos about Teachers Pay Teachers and some other teaching/blogging stuff. She gave a shout out to Five for Friday in her blogging video but you should definitely just watch them ALL!

Quick Link: Kaysie Morris YouTube Videos


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It’s homecoming week at our school. (Our high school kids are on the same campus!) Which means it has been a little CRAZY! Each day is a different dress up day. Monday was Pajama Day. Tuesday was Camo Day. Wednesday was Career Day. Thursday was Color War Day. And today is red and white/school spirit day. I didn’t get a picture of Color War Day . (First Grade was PINK!) And, this post goes up before school on Friday so no pictures for Friday yet!

IMG_0120   IMG_0117IMG_0066


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IMG_0030IMG_0031 IMG_0032

What do you need a new set of short i sentence cards (the old ones were not laminated and neeeded to be thrown out!)?!? You print them on the prettiest and brightest colored cardstock you have. These pretty colors seriously make my ♥ heart ♥ happy!

Since today is Homecoming we have a 1/2 day! Whooo hoooo!! It’s the closest thing possible to a LONG weekend! I might just feel a nap coming on this afternoon.

Enjoy your weekend! Blog about your week and link up your Five for Friday post below!


  1. I made the FFF LIST?!?!?!?!!? BEST DAY EVER!!!! Thank you so much for the shout out!!! Hope you have a fabulous week. I am loving the "If you Give a Mouse a Cookie" product. From one Kayse to another Kacey - thanks again!

  2. Your If You Give a Mouse a Cookie product looks adorable!!! I just found Kayse on YouTube a few days ago actually. Not going to lie.... I'm super jealous of her video editing skills. The videos are so fun!

    I hope you have a great Friday!

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  4. Thanks for hosting and for sharing about Kayse's videos! I haven't seen her yet!
    Applelight Moments By Stephanie

  5. Your adorable math products make me wish I was still teaching math! Thanks for bringing together so many teachers and ideas!
    One Lucky Teacher

  6. I love your If You Give a Mouse unit! It is adorable! I can totally see lots of students loving it!!

  7. I love your sentence ads printed on the card stock! They look so eye catching and fun! Thanks for another great link up, have a great weekend!

    Teaching Autism

  8. We've been ordering numbers as well (numbers with 3-5 digits). I haven't been planning activities that are as engaging as yours, though. I think perhaps a math craftivity is in our future! Have a great weekend.
    Laughter and Consistency

  9. Definitely going to check Kayse's videos out tonight!...Our homecoming is next week. It's hard to believe that it's already here!!
    Mrs.Christy’s Leaping Loopers

  10. Love those dress-up days! We had dress like a pirate day today! It's crazy that your big kids are on the same campus!


  11. A. Love Kayse and her YouTube videos and 2. LOVE your If you give a mouse a cookie math centers!! Wishing you another great week!

    Momma with a Teaching Mission