July 14, 2019

Shine Bright Bulletin Board

I spent a few hours this week getting some of my bulletin boards ready for back to school. This is a hall bulletin board that is in my school. I love all the color and sparkle!

The paper fans, the paper fringe, the borders, the stars and the 
black tassels are all from Oriental Trading.

The shiny gold is so much fun mixed in with the rainbow colors.

I added these SHINE BRIGHT words as a free download in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.
I printed the word Shine on bright gold paper and the word Bright on rainbow color.

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November 23, 2018

Doodle Bugs Paper: Black Friday Sale


Lots of great products on SALE for the special Black Friday Sale! Notepads, notebooks, notecards, thank you notes, labels, and stickers! Such fun stuff!!!

Quick Link: Black Friday Sale

November 21, 2018

New Math Centers


It is getting close to the Christmas season. I am ALL about keeping my little ones busy, engaged AND working on skills we need to practice. So, these math centers will be put to lots of use the next few weeks.


This unit includes 12 math centers and the recording sheets or follow up sheets are also included. They are EASY to prep! I laminated and cut while I watched a movie one night. And, the skills are all perfect for my first graders this time of the year.

100_9404  100_9373

The skills covered are: counting by 2’s, counting by 10’s, counting by 5’s, tally marks, number words, least and greatest, addition, subtraction, telling time to the hour, even and odd, and before and after missing numbers.


The counting cards and the sorting cards can all fit perfect in a pocket chart. I don’t always use a pocket chart but I made them to fit. We use them on a table or floor too.


If you are interested in reading/seeing more or in purchasing you can find this in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.

Click Here: Christmas Math Centers

September 18, 2018

From the Pond VIP Club


This is just a quick post to let you in on a GREAT deal that you definitely need to know about! The VIP Club from Mel at From the Pond! Seriously, teacher friends.. this is a monthly subscription club that has great resources for an unbelievable price!

Right now it is on sale for $5 a month (Until September 1st) then it goes up to $7.50 a month (in October) then to it’s normal price of $10 a month starting in November.


I am locked in at $5 a month for as long as I want BUT, after being a member I am being honest and telling you that $10 a month is even a great deal! Mel has stocked it with all her new resources that are super fun and sooo cute!


This place value house activity was a perfect fit for our math lessons this week. My little first grade friends were engaged and they really needed this review of tens and ones!


I seriously prepped this activity (four a small group of five) in less than 10 minutes. Printed and cut while my kiddos were finishing up their morning routine. How easy could it be!

Here is a link to see more and sign up if you are interested! Trust me, it is worth checking out!

From the Pond VIP Club

September 9, 2018

Alphabet Order & Letter Matching Unit


I always like to spend a few weeks working on letter review and letter matching with my first graders at the beginning of school. They need the practice after being out of school all summer and they need a little help getting their brains refreshed from kindergarten.

So, these hands on cards and printables work perfect for me in my first grade classroom. Maybe you will find something you can use too!

alphabet letter review for kindergarten or first grade

In this unit are 12 sets of cards for students to put in order, match capital to lowercase or before and after letters. The cards can fit in a pocket chart or they will work perfect on the floor or on a table.

letter matching cards uppercase to lowercase100_9298100_9301100_9311   100_9313100_9325  100_9335100_9338100_9343

I have had these cards stashed in a basket on a side table in my room for the last two weeks. Anytime I have an early finisher and I think they need a little practice- I simply hand them a bag and tell them to find a spot they like. This means they can use an empty table, any floor space or an empty pocket chart.

Also included in the unit are 20 printables that will come in handy for early finisher work, homework, morning work, quick assessments, or as needed.

alpabet printables worksheets

There are lots of different kind of printables. Fill in the blank (full sheet and 1/2 sheet) and cut and paste! I love to have these on hand for lots of different uses.

Here is a quick list of the
(1) Cut and Paste Alphabet Order (capitals)
(2) Cut and Paste Alphabet Order (capitals)
(3) Cut and Paste Alphabet Order (lowercase)
(4) Cut and Paste Alphabet Order (lowercase)
(5) Write the ABC’s in order (2 per page)
(6) Write the ABC’s in order (2 per page)
(7) Write the ABC’s in order (2 per page)
(8) Write the ABC’s in order (2 per page)
(9) Cut and Paste What Letter Comes After
(10) Cut and Paste What Letter Comes After
(11) Cut and Paste What Letter Comes Before
(12) Cut and Paste What Letter Comes Before
(13) Write What Letter Comes After
(14) Write What Letter Comes After
(15) Write What Letter Comes Before
(16) Write What Letter Comes Before
(17) Cut and Paste Match Capital to Lowercase
(18) Cut and Paste Match Capital to Lowercase
(19) Write the missing letters
(20) Write the missing letters


This unit is in my Teachers Pay Teachers store if you are interested in purchasing or reading and seeing more..

Quick Link: ABC Order, Matching and Before and After Unit.

September 3, 2018

Popsicle Stick Visual Discrimination Cards


I haven’t blogged in MONTHS! But, I did not want to miss the opportunity to share my newest resource. (Not only have not blogged in months but I also took a hiatus from designing new products as well!) But, maybe this is a little leap into getting back into a routine.

Last year I bought some colored popsicle sticks to use with my first graders. We mainly used them for tally mark practice and a little pattern practice. But, I quickly noticed that when the popsicle sticks came out they loved to build with them and make pictures.

So, this summer I made these picture cards. I put them into use with my first graders last week as a morning tub/early finisher activity.


They are so easy to prep. There are 4 picture cards to a page. So, I just printed and laminated. And cut between each card. The popsicle sticks can be found at Walmart, Michaels, or Hobby Lobby. Or here is an Amazon Affiliate Link if you just want to skip the stores!

Amazon Link: 240 Colored Popsicle Sticks


I just put out the bucket of sticks and some cards. (I only put out about 25 cards/which is 1/4 of what is included in the pack) They made the picture and we soon learned that if they placed the card on top of their creation it was easy for me to walk by, pick up the card and check.


These were engaging, hands on fun and a big hit.


If you are interested- you can find these in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Here is a link:

Popsicle Stick Cards