September 21, 2015

Easy Parent Communication with The Mailbox Gold


Hi Friends!

I am back again this month to share some more of the awesome-ness of the Mailbox Gold program. This is a monthly subscription program that cost $3.00 and you have access to tons and tons of downloadable items. Many of which are programmable. Which means- you can add your text before you print.


This month I am here to show you how to easily and fast you can keep parents in touch with your classroom using a few downloads from the Mailbox Gold.

Almost everything I am going to share with you can be edited online before you print- but I still like to have a “blank” within reach to handwrite a special note to parents. This folder will be kept within reach for the whole month so I can quickly communicate with my parents.

I selected just a few fall/October themed items to show you but you can find different options for every month. These are priceless to have at your fingertips. You can do a quick search for October but with the Mailbox Gold you can also save them into a folder for later. Which makes finding them a breeze!

Let’s take a look at a few fun and cute parent communication ideas for fall/October!


I love keeping parents in touch with a monthly calendar they can keep tucked inside a personal planner or on their home fridge. These monthly calendars are available to print blank or you can add all your own text before printing.


I send home a weekly newsletter with my students and these make that chore a breeze! The design is set up for you. You just add your text! They are available with or without the headers. You just type/fill in the info you want your parents to know before printing.


I send homework home nightly but I still stick to the same routine for each day of the week. If you send homework home one time a week these weekly sheets are awesome!


How about weekly progress reports that are done for you and all you have to do is click to check the box(es) you want to mark and type any messages or comments. Easy peasy! And, there are a few different design options!


These “While You Were Out” notes were not editable BUT.. just to have them already designed and all I had to do was print and keep them handy saved me time and effort. And, I am all about time saving tips! I can just clip these onto makeup work and my absent students and their parents will know exactly what they missed.

IMG_0143  IMG_0144  IMG_0145

And .. holy cow! The cuteness of these Halloween/fall notes!!!! These can be edited before you print as well BUT.. I choose to just print a stack of them to have handy to handwrite.

All of these are downloads you find on the Mailbox Gold. The cost is $3.00 a month and new items are added each month! You can click the box below to jump over and see or read more about this program.


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