September 3, 2017

Story / Word Problems


Do you call them story or word problems? I am guilty of both.. so I teach my kids both terms. Because, one day I call them story problem the next day word problems. So, it’s best they just know both terms!

But one thing is for sure… my kiddos can solve them like champs!

Because, we do one together and I model it almost everyday!

I use these handy little cards shown below…


These story/word problem cards are not a new product. I have actually had them since 2013. (I went and looked up the date I listed them on teachers pay teachers just to see how many years I have been using them). They have been a life saver during our math block.


I mostly use them during our whole group math time. I place one under my document camera so everyone can see it on the white board. And, I have my students complete it independently first. Then, we do it together to check to see if they got it correctly.

There are colored and black and white versions included. I have had a lot of teachers tell me they use these in their students’ interactive notebooks. The black and white ones are perfect for notebooks or math journals.


But, you could also use them as task cards or in math centers. They are really versatile and there is 72 different cards included- so enough to use all through the year!

And, the best part is that you seriously can just print and use! No extra prepping! That is my favorite kind of resource!

You can find these in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store..

Math Story/Word Problems

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