August 20, 2017

Weekly Recap (Week 2)

I’m back with a few pictures from our second week of school. Time is flying by! We start week 3 tomorrow. And, I seriously believe this has been the easiest back to school ever! That doesn’t mean I have a perfect class.. BUT, my new little school babies have transitioned so well and have just picked up on our class procedures like champs!

I do wish I would remember to pick up my phone more and take pictures. But, here are a few things we did this past week.


These missing letter cards were a huge hit. With me and my students. They liked them BUT I loved them! They were so easy to just pass out and put to use. We did some as practice during our whole group mat time. Then, through out the week when I needed an early finisher activity I had them ready to go. I split them into 5 baskets so I could jut hand over a basket when I needed it.

IMG_3390 IMG_3392

They were perfect hands on alphabet ordering practice. You can find them in my store with the link below.


Quick Link: Missing Letter Cards


Our Meet the Teacher/Open House was this week and this was one of the things I had hanging up to show parents. These FIVE THINGS make us great first graders and we repeat them a lot the first weeks of school. I made this into a free download if you can use them.

Free Download: I am a good first grader! Cut and Paste printable.


We needed a little fun art project to fill up an empty wall and these Chicka Chicka Boom Boom trees were fun! I don’t have the patterns but seriously it is just a tree shape and alphabet stickers. I got the stickers from Dollar General. There are 6 sheets in the pack for $1.00- so that was a win!


We also used my Chicka Chicka centers this week.

Quick Link: Chicka Chicka Centers


And, here is proof that sometimes you have to throw it back to the old school days. I wish that I could tell you that I had these cards tucked away from the “old days”!! But, nope! I made these handwritten unscrambling sentences before school one day this past week. I also tuck these into one of my student’s take home binders to keep when we are done. It is perfect practice for them to do at home and I am not given away one of my resources that took time and effort to prep.


I also cannot tell you how much I use and adore these cat counting cards. We are mainly using them as number identification right now. But, some of my littles that needed some brain stretching were asked to put them in order from least to greatest.


Quick Link: Cat Counting Cards

Happy Teaching Friends!

♥ kacey

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