August 15, 2017

Missing Letter Cards


Keeping with my current theme.. here is another SIMPLE hands on activity for back to school. I am all about keeping things low key: easy to prep, easy to store and easy to use!

I like to have activities that we can do whole group during our mat time each morning but also available to use with partners or in small group times. But, can also be used independently as an early finisher or just as a time filler throughout the day. These missing letter cards are perfect!


Included are:

Uppercase & Lowercase

Letters Before

Letters After

Letters Between

.. and the missing letter “answer cards”


These are designed completely in black and white.

Print on colored paper to save on ink.

I printed my “answer cards” all on one color for easy identification.


Other ways to use these cards..

  • Write the answer on the back and let students use them as flashcards with a partner.
  • Pick the cards you want to use and number them. Pair them with a recording sheet and have students write the missing letter.
  • Use magnetic letters or letter tiles you might have instead of the answer cards included.

These also fit great in a pocket chart! But, we also use them on the floor or at our tables.

Quick Link: Missing Letter Cards


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