February 6, 2016

Compound Word Unit

I've always though compound words were a fun skill to teach, 
Kids love them for some reason and they usually catch on quickly. 

I put some of my favorite compound word activities together into a unit that is available in my TpT store.
 Here is a peak of what is included...
I actually printed these twice. Once regular size and then a second set 2 per page. {that is an option from your print menu}. The regular size was great to use as an introduction to compound words. The smaller set worked well for literacy centers. I dived them into 2 sets and had my first graders put them in ABC order in pocket charts. They are also great for a writing center as well.
Also included are these matching card. I printed each page on a different color just for a little bit easier matching activity. These also work great in a pocket chart. I handed each card out and called out a color. My students had to find a friend who had a word that could make a compound word. We did this 4 times since their were four different colors. 
I need an independent activity for my students to do while I did a few oral assessments and this was a great option. They cut and glue the picture/words in ABC order. These fit perfect on a sentence strip. I put out pencil colors for them to color when they finished ordering them. They worked super hard and were engaged in the whole time.
This is a great literacy center. Included are 12 cards and a recording sheet. 
Students read each card and record their answer on their paper. 
My kids have ALWAYS loved magnifying searches. Each year it is always a hit. There are three different version and recording sheets are included for each. I used these as literacy centers at three separate times this year. I actually have the bug one prepped and ready for this upcoming week. They will use the magnifying glass to search for 12 teeny tiny compound words hidden in the picture and record them on their paper.
Also included in this pack are print and go printables. Great for morning work, early finishers, fast assessments, homework, time filler activities.. or whatever you wish to use them for! These are always nice to have prepped and ready.

You can find this unit in my store..
Quick Link: Compound Word Unit


  1. Peak/peek. Sorry...teachers are the worst grammar police, aren't they? ;-)

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  3. Wow! I love this way to teach compound words to children! I am currently working on assignment here about teaching and this could be a wonderful example of interesting way to teach children. Can I please describe this in my assignment?

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