March 7, 2015

Easter Cut and Paste Printables



I have finished my Easter Cut and Paste Printables. These are now listed in my store.

This pack of printables include 31 different sheets. I use these as mainly morning work but also will use one as an early finisher activity or as a quick assessment.

IMG_8634 (2)

I prepped enough of these to use from the day after St. Patrick’s Day until Easter each morning.  I didn’t need all 31 sheets so I picked the ones that will work best for  independent practice for our daily morning work. 

  IMG_8638  IMG_8637


I copy the “answer sheets” on colored paper just to make them stand out a little bit more. This is definitely not necessary but what I prefer. It takes a little extra prep time to do the colored paper but worth it to me!

IMG_8640    IMG_8641

A few of the printables have different levels that are good for differentiated instruction.


A few skills included in the unit are: number words, months of the year, days of the week, numbers before, numbers after, addition facts, subtraction facts, money, telling time, even and odd and much more!

IMG_8642  IMG_8643

You can jump over to the product listing to see a list of all 31 skills for the printables.


Here is a quick link if you are interested or want to see more…

Easter Cut and Paste Printables

ps.. you can also find these for other holidays in my store. they are all on the same format for easy use!

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