July 13, 2013

Back to School Math Work Books


I wanted something to do with my first graders the first few days of school to see exactly where we needed to begin on math skills.. and I made these little back to school math books.


I plan to work one book together in class and use the other one as morning work, homework or as independent practice.


There are 2 books included and the sheets are 1/2 pages {save on ink & paper}. Just print, cut down the middle and staple. Both books are on the same format.


The skills included in each book are:

1. Counting by 1's to 20.
2. Counting by 1's to 50.
3. What number comes next? .. numbers up to 20
4. What number comes before? ... numbers up to 20
5. Count by 5's to 100.
6. Count by 10's to 100.
7. Count and write how many.... numbers up to 20
8. Read the number, draw that many. ... numbers up to 20
9. What number is greatest? ... numbers up to 20
10. What number is least? ... numbers up to 20
11. Read the number words and write the number. .. zero-ten
12.Read the color word and color the correct color. .. 10 basic color words
13. Color the pennies.
14. Color the dimes.
15. Color the nickels.
16. Color the quarters.
17. Telling time to the hour.
18. Telling time to the half-hour.
19. Drawing a rectangle, square, circle, triangle.





  1. I love your Back To School Math Book!!! I don't even teach first but think it would be a great end of the year assessment for k! Wonderful!!!

  2. This makes me miss teaching 1st so much! Looks like a great product!

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  3. Goodness I wish you had this for 3rd grade because I would totally buy it !!!! :)))

  4. Will you be making a Back to School language Arts book? I hope so!!!
    Thanks, Kelli

  5. Hey! I’ve been following your blog for a while and I just love it! If you want to check out my blog, I’d love some opinions! Thanks!

  6. Something like this for second grade would be great, too!

    These are so cute...just the idea of the small booklets is what the kids will love (even though it is for saving money!).

    Bitty Bilinguals

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