April 30, 2013


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April 27, 2013

Math Counting Sheets


Our school year is quickly ending and I am spending time each day going back over skills we have learned.. trying to squeeze in that last review!

I made these quick counting sheets for my students to use for extra practice and homework.




April 26, 2013

Five for Friday {Linky Party.. April 26}


Hip! Hip! Hooray! It is Friday! {again.. these weeks are flying by!} We found out this week we are getting out of school a day earlier than expected.

So, now I officially have 14 days left!

Boy, I am ready! But, I also have so much to squeeze in and try to do.


Here are five random things from this week to kick off the weekend! I would love for you to join up and add your link below!


This biggest portion of my week was dealing with printer issues. I own a commercial printer because of my Doodle Bugs Paper business- and last Saturday… it died! And, it literally almost killed me. I have been sick at my stomach trying to resolve and diagnose the problem. And, the troubleshooting people do not speak clear English. HA!

After hours of working on it last Saturday afternoon and finally making a decision to order a part rather than buy a new printer.. I ordered the part. {$400} .. ouch!

The part came in yesterday.. with lots of directions. I replaced the part and the stars aligned.. it is back working!



We had a little Wishy-Washy fun this week. We did a sequence activity and painted a little mud. Such fun!


Thankfully, my school believes in recess and we have a short morning recess and a short afternoon recess. But, the weather the last few weeks has been terrible. It has rained soooo much.. and our playground turns into a big mud puddle.  We had to have “inside recess” a few times this week..

I really don’t enjoy inside recess!!!!


Today was a beautiful day.. and after recess this is what my floor looked like. Mud EVERYWHERE! But, at least they enjoyed some fresh air and a little time to play!


Our phonics skill this week has been S blends.. one of my early finisher activities this week was this snake. I made a list of words on my easel and they had to find the “s blend” words and write them on the snake. I used to do this every week but this is the first time I have done it all year. They really enjoyed it.


While my ducklings were at music this afternoon- I met with the Aflac rep .. and I am now a proud owner of this quacking duck {and some more insurance!}

Happy Friday!

April 20, 2013

Magical Product Swap

I have participated in the Magical Product Swap before with Jessica and was happy to join again.
Peace, Love, & First Grade
This time I got to partner up with another Mississippi teacher.. Laura from Peace, Love and First Grade. I have several of Laura’s products.. they are super simple and quick to use.

My first graders used her Farm Tally Mark Cards this week. She designed this product to be a “Read & Write the Room” activity. The product contains 24 tally mark cards that are numbered and recording sheets.
I did not use the cards as a Read & Write the Room activity but I used them as a quick and easy math center. I even split the cards up into two groups {1-12 in one group} and {12-24 in the other group.}


I also printed these 2 pages/per 1 page {hope that makes sense??} and it only took 3 pages of cardstock  for the cards and 1 page of regular paper for the recording sheet.

You can purchase these farm tally mark cards from Laura below:



Laura also sent me these dinosaur subtraction cards. I really hope to squeeze in a little bit of dino fun before school is out. These will work great for our Dinosaur Week! You can read more about them or purchase them below.

Go check out Laura.. she is one of my favorite teacher bloggers!

April 19, 2013

Five for Friday {Linky Party…April 19th}


It’s Friday!!!!

Another week that has flown by… we now have 20 days left of school!

Oh my!


This little piggy went to school with me this week. Pigs are one of my favorite things to teach- and we will be reading and doing a {first grade version} book study on Charlotte’s Web next week.


We did another directed drawing this week.. we actually started on these ladybugs last Friday and we finished them this afternoon. They turned out really cute and I will share the finished project soon with you.


We had a few extra minutes one day this week and we practiced writing our spelling words on chart paper with markers.. they loved it and it took no prep time.


We have been reading The Three Little Pigs this week and worked on sequencing.



The product swap hosted by Jessica is tomorrow. My swap partner Laura and I swapped products. My kids enjoyed one of her products today and I will be back tomorrow to share about it!

Post your Five for Friday and link up below!

April 16, 2013

Mystery Numbers Unit


One of my very favorite time filler activities to do with my class is “Mystery Numbers”. I tell my kids that I am thinking of a number. I give them four clues and they have to guess the number I am thinking about.

I have a new product that is all about “Mystery Numbers”.



It includes:

12 full size mystery number sheets
6 1/2 page {perfect for centers} mystery number cards
1 recording sheet
10 black and white mystery number sheets



I use the mystery number cards on my document camera.


We also enjoy doing them whole group on the “mat area” during our morning meeting.



xoxo, Kacey

April 14, 2013

Math Fact Fun



I am excited to show you my newest unit.. Math Fact Fun. It is a simple and fun unit that has 5 math centers and 6 follow-up/review sheets to practice basic math addition facts. Easy peasy! You can click the link below to jump over to my store to check it out or purchase.

Math Fact Fun Unit

Here is a look at what is included…


1. Math Fact Match Cards: Students match the math facts to the correct answer. {20 cards & 20 answer cards}


2. True/False Sort: Students sort the cards under the true/false header cards.{24 cards, plus header cards}


3. Math Fact Sort: Students sort the math facts under the correct answer cards. {30 cards, 5 header cards}


4. Clip Cards: Students use clips {clothes pins} to clip the correct answer to the math fact on each card. {24 cards}


5. Clip Cards: Students use clips {clothes pins} to clip all the math facts on each card that has the answer at the top of each card {6 cards}


6. Review/Follow Up Sheets {6 sheets}

Here is the link one more time..

Math Fact Fun Unit


Hope you have had a great weekend.

xoxo, kacey