April 26, 2013

Five for Friday {Linky Party.. April 26}


Hip! Hip! Hooray! It is Friday! {again.. these weeks are flying by!} We found out this week we are getting out of school a day earlier than expected.

So, now I officially have 14 days left!

Boy, I am ready! But, I also have so much to squeeze in and try to do.


Here are five random things from this week to kick off the weekend! I would love for you to join up and add your link below!


This biggest portion of my week was dealing with printer issues. I own a commercial printer because of my Doodle Bugs Paper business- and last Saturday… it died! And, it literally almost killed me. I have been sick at my stomach trying to resolve and diagnose the problem. And, the troubleshooting people do not speak clear English. HA!

After hours of working on it last Saturday afternoon and finally making a decision to order a part rather than buy a new printer.. I ordered the part. {$400} .. ouch!

The part came in yesterday.. with lots of directions. I replaced the part and the stars aligned.. it is back working!



We had a little Wishy-Washy fun this week. We did a sequence activity and painted a little mud. Such fun!


Thankfully, my school believes in recess and we have a short morning recess and a short afternoon recess. But, the weather the last few weeks has been terrible. It has rained soooo much.. and our playground turns into a big mud puddle.  We had to have “inside recess” a few times this week..

I really don’t enjoy inside recess!!!!


Today was a beautiful day.. and after recess this is what my floor looked like. Mud EVERYWHERE! But, at least they enjoyed some fresh air and a little time to play!


Our phonics skill this week has been S blends.. one of my early finisher activities this week was this snake. I made a list of words on my easel and they had to find the “s blend” words and write them on the snake. I used to do this every week but this is the first time I have done it all year. They really enjoyed it.


While my ducklings were at music this afternoon- I met with the Aflac rep .. and I am now a proud owner of this quacking duck {and some more insurance!}

Happy Friday!


The Brown-Bag Teacher said...

A four-hundred dollar part?!? Goodness gracious! So glad to hear that it did the trick. What a treat to have two recesses! :)

Thanks so much for hosting, Kacey.

The Brown-Bag Teacher

AMC Looking From Third to Fourth said...

I didn't realize some schools didn't believe in recess. Our students get a 15 min. morning and afternoon recess and 40 minutes at lunch. I thought that was pretty normal I am not a huge fan of indoor recess either - unless I am on duty : )

Natalie said...

Have you ever watched the Rainy Day Recess videos on United Streaming? My kiddos love them and it gives them a chance to get out some of that energy.

Teachery Tidbits

Pinkadots Elementary said...

Oh my $400!! Ouch! I also have Aflac, but haven't used it once. I have a goofy husband, three year old and a one year old that always get hurt...UNTIL I signed up for Aflac. It's like Murphy's law...if I cancel the insurance we'd all get hurt the next day! lol
Pinkadots Elementary

Jennifer Smith-Sloane said...

$400... Ouch! Glad you are back functioning again.

Jennifer Smith-Sloane

Molly said...

Wow! That must have been some part for $400! Thanks for hosting again this week!

Lucky to Be in First

Brandee Green said...

Thanks for hosting the party! I'm a new blogger and these really help me to feel like a part of the team! :)
So thanks again!
Creating Lifelong Learners

Sara Connell said...

$400? Ouch! Glad it's working again! I am really big fan of outdoor recess. Our kids get 15 minutes before lunch. We've had to be in a lot for wet, sloppy snow during the last month!
First Grade Funtastic

Gina Coniglio said...

14 days left of school? Wow! We are out June 7. When do you return? $400 hurts but I'm glad you got it repaired. I hate muddy floors too! Glad the kiddies had fun though!
Beach Sand and Lesson Plans

Aimee V. said...

How nice that you get TWO recesses!! Recess has become a bad word these days. We get 15 minutes after lunch and that's it!
Thanks so much for hosting this linky party each week. I love reading all the different blogs on Friday!

Pencils, Books, and Dirty Looks

Miss Cosby said...

I love the mud paint! We also have a quick morning recess. We call it snack break. Before the tardy bell rings I have them working and by mid-morning they need that run around break.

I cracked the top 100--barely, lol.

You Might Be a First Grader….

Ashley said...

14 days?? Jealous!! We have 29, and then 4 weeks off, 1 work week, and we begin again. Oh the joys of year round school.


Matt Sutton said...

Great job on the printer troubleshooting. I can't imagine what that must have been like.

Thanks again for this link up, since I've started it's one that I really look forward to.

Digital: Divide & Conquer

Chrissy + Nate said...

That stinks about your printer part! But I know you will be glad to get a working printer again! I gave someone your business card today after they oohed and aahed over my portfolio from you :) You do such good work! Happy weekend!

Erica Bohrer said...

I love your Mrs. Wishy Washy activity. So creative!

Mrs. Phillips said...

Our school is K - 12 so we have a super long day. Because of that, we get two 20 minute recesses and two 30 minute special every day. I agree, indoor recess is not fun!


Jenny said...

We are required to have 30 minutes of "physical activity" each day now. I'm loving the Adventures to Fitness for indoor recess. After a week of testing though my kids were SO ready to get outside and run today!

I love the little duck. Too cute!

Enjoy your weekend!
Suntans and Lesson Plans

Lisa Feikert said...

We are getting out a day earlier than planned, too! Teachers will still have to go, though, for safety training. 19 days for me! Thanks for hosting this linky each week--I really look forward to it!

Always an Adventure in Kindergarten

Heather Byers said...

This was my first time linking up:) I had fun and can't wait for the next one. Ouch on the printer. Love the pig mud painting.

The Busy Busy Hive

Elementary special Education said...

$400...they should send someone to install it!

Elementary Special Education

Tanya Dwyer said...

14 days left of school...I'm so jealous right now! =)

A+ Firsties

Kristin Young said...

What a super fun idea!! I'll have to link up next Friday! Where can I get your Super Snake & Mrs. Wishy Washy sequencing activity?? I love the mud paint!!! :)

Little Miss Glamour Goes to Kindergarten

Mrs. Wheeler said...

I love Mrs. Wishy Washy! Those sequencing things are so cute!

Mrs. Wheeler’s First Grade
Mrs. Wheeler TpT

Coast to Coast Kinder RandA said...

I have some of the first "Mrs. Wishy Washy" big books in the garage. Oh, lovely mud!

Teaching with TWitte said...

I am soooo jealous that you only have 14 days of school. Enjoy them! We still have 43 which seems like FOREVER at this point!


Savannah McQueen said...

I am new to your site, but I wanted to say that nothing brings school to its knees (or frustrates me to the point of tears or violence) like a non functioning printer!

the classroom creative said...

I dream of a commercial printer...but a part that expensive is like a car payment. Yikes...

I hear ya on the indoor recess, but a school that respects children's need to move not once but TWICE a day sounds...well, dreamy.

Our public schools here in Chicago cut recess for a long while, but now with the longer school day, thank goodness it's back. We also only had a 20 min lunch! By the time I walked my class to the lunch room, I seriously had 12 mins to eat!

I'll be joining in this fun next week...
The Classroom Creative