March 16, 2013

Spring Math Centers



I have a new set of Spring Math Centers in my store.

Here is a look at what is included:


Number Order OR picking the least & greatest number.


This center can be used 2 ways. Students can put the numbers on each card in numerical order or they can pick the least & greatest number from each card. Recording sheets are included for both ways. There are 16 cards and 2 recording sheets. Numbers range from 1-120.


Money Find & Count:

Students look at the “coin page” and record how many of each coin and the value. Additional questions to answer about the coins are included on the recording sheet.


Two Digit Addition: This center includes 12 cards and a recording sheet.


Students write the math facts and the answer for each card. No regrouping!


Counting by 5’s.


Numbers range from 5-200. Two recording sheets are included. The first one is for numbers up to 100. The second one is for numbers up to 200.


The cards fit perfect in a pocket chart.

Greater Than / Less Than: Students look at each card and decide which sign goes between the numbers (< or >).


This center includes 20 cards and a recording sheet.



Math Facts: These are “big math facts” that include addition and subtraction mixed together in a single fact. (For example: 4+5-2-1= _). Eight cards and a recording sheet are included.


Here is the link if you are interested..

Spring Math Centers

Thank you!!



Paula Shaw said...

You are amazing. These are amazing.

Lauren Kuhn said...

I absolutely *adore* the pictures on these activities! Thanks for creating such a beautiful packet. :)

Love, Laughter and Learning in Prep

The Polished Teacher said...

Those centers are so perfect for spring! I just love the adorable clip art! Great choices!


Sharon said...

Thanks for creating awesome centers. My class looks forward to doing these all the time. Keep up the great work!

Teresa P. said...

These look great! I love the two different levels with the up to 100 and 200. They also cover many of the common core skills that the older series are missing.

Fun in K/1

Mrs Ward said...

Hi Kasey - WOW! There is a lot of hard work there. I've just tried to email you at your listed email but it was returned. I just wanted to tell you that yours was my first linky party. Love your work!

Mrs. Griffith said...

Your spring centers look so refreshing and fun!

For the Love of First Grade

Kelly Thigpen said...

Super Fun! I am excited about using these in the coming weeks! Thanks for sharing!

crazymom said...

It is in my cart! This is darling. I just love your work! Thanks for taking the time to create these darling centers so I don't have to! (Not that I could anyway!!!) ☺

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