April 14, 2012

Bugs! {Math & Literacy Centers}


It’s officially SPRING TIME which means one of my favorite units to teach is insects.. or BUGS!

I have a pack of literacy/grammar, and math centers listed on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Doodle Bugs Teaching: Bug Centers

Here is what is included:

Four Digit Number Words with Number Cards


There are 10 number words cards and plenty of number cards to make the number.


A recording sheet is also available. Students write the four digit number in the correct box.

Compound Word Match


Students match the two little words to make a compound word.

There are 18 compound words in this center.

A recording sheet is available too.


Grammar Sentences


Students read the sentences and decide which ending punctuation it needs. There are 15 sentences in all. Header cards are also included.

And, a recording sheet is also in the pack.


Counting by 2’s Fill in the missing number


This center has 18 fill in the missing number cards. The numbers range from 2-200.

A recording sheet is included.


Math Fact Sort- Addition and Subtraction


This activity has 24 math facts and 4 header cards. Students sort the addition and subtraction facts under the correct header card.

A math fact worksheet is also available with the same facts. This is a great follow-up, early finisher, or recording sheet to go with this center.


I would love for you to check these out! It’s a great pack. I will be using these with my first graders in a couple of weeks.


Here is the link one more time:

Doodle Bugs Teaching: Bug Centers


  1. I love your centers! Makes me wish that I taught a younger grade. Where is all your clip art from? I'm starting to develop a small clip art addiction and am always on the look out for super cute ones! :)

  2. Those look great! I love how your recording sheets are always clean and simple...perfect!


  3. I LOVE your centers! May I ask what font you have used? It is fabulous!

  4. I'm a french teacher and I would like to say that I love your centers. May I ask you some questions : how many time children are working on a center, how many chidren are working on a station (and the same station is printing how many time) and how do you organize the rotation ?
    I know, it's a lot of questions but we don't work like this in France. So if you have time to answer me,i would be very happy.
    To finish would you excuse me for my little level of english.

  5. You have the CUTEST station activities! They are so pretty, too! :)

  6. Where can I get this package?!

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