December 31, 2011

Winter Centers {Perfect Pocket Chart Activities} listed on TpT



I am really excited to show you this Winter Center Pack that I had made and listed on Teachers Pay Teachers.

It is seriously just what I needed for my first graders to use in the next few weeks. After looking in my “January/Winter” box to see what I had and what I needed.. I realized that I really needed new pocket chart activities. So.. here we go!

Here is the link:

Winter Centers {pocket chart} activities on Teachers Pay Teachers

Sentence to picture matching


We will do this activity together one morning to model it then it will be available for my students to do independently.


There are 12 sentences and 12 pictures.

Students have to match the picture to the sentence.

Pattern Practice


There are 15 pattern cards and a large selection {sorry, don’t know how many exactly} individual picture cards.


Students have to continue the patterns that are on the pattern cards.


They can also use the individual picture cards to make patterns of their own. {I would suggest printing this particular pages extra times so you will have extra cards!}

Number Word Match


Students match the number words to the number cards.


There are 20 snowman cards and 20 bird cards.


You can also have then order the bird cards in order from least to greatest!

Days of the Week and Months of the Year Sort


Sort the cards then put them in order.


Math Facts


Match the math fact to the answer.


There are 15 math fact cards.

Mitten Counting by 5’s


The cards go from 5-200.


This is a really great set- and if you are interested. You can click below to see more and purchase.

Winter Centers {pocket chart} activities on Teachers Pay Teachers


Thank you!!!

xoxo, kacey


ps… There are A LOT of pieces to this pack.. take my advice and don’t cut them out and throw them into a big pile. It will take a long time to sort them out! Experience people.. it’s good advice!



Winter Centers {pocket chart} activities on Teachers Pay Teachers

December 30, 2011

Guess it’s time to start planning again…


Well, Christmas is over. Sad, huh? It went by so fast but yet it feels like a big blur.. How did we manage to do so much in such a few weeks.


Just like the rest of the world.. Pinterest was helpful this Christmas! I made several new crafts or ornaments with my first graders thanks things I found on Pinterest. These little clay pot reindeer were a big hit and so easy!

I went yesterday to school and took down my class Christmas tree and packed up all the Santas, reindeer, elves, and any other signs of Christmas. It was time. I am ready to move on.. it’s time to move on to snowmen and penguins.. and hopefully a little snow!!


I live in Mississippi people.. if it snows.. it won’t be much! But, that doesn’t stop us from dreaming of snow (ummm.. snowdays!)


I put up a bulletin board, changed my calendar and put up a new winter door decoration. I took a picture but for some reason it didn’t save on my phone. I will snap another one next week.


And, as much as I didn’t want to- I brought home some work to do. I just don’t want to write lesson plans or average grades.. but they must be done.


I finished up some Winter centers I am going to list on TpT tonight or tomorrow. They are really cute- and are PERFECT pocket chart activities to use all month long. I needed some new things- and I am looking forward to sharing them with you!


In the meantime- I made this little penguin tally mark paper for my first graders to do. I thought I would share with you. If you can use it- please leave a comment!

Download here.. Penguin Tally Mark Paper 

That cute little ice skating penguin is from kpm doodles.


xoxo, kacey

December 29, 2011

Monkeys! Centers on TpT


I really love monkeys- I do!

They are one of my favorite units to teach- and I really hate to admit that I love something that much.. and I have not taught monkeys in 5 years! Seriously! I have been at my current school for five years and I have not taken the “monkey box” out of storage until recently. It was time…

Bring on the Five Little Monkeys, Curious George, Goodnight Gorilla, Caps for Sell, and more.. I am ready! I must freshen up my monkey knowledge so we can actually learn a few new facts about these fun animals! I would love to hear from you if you teach monkeys.. share with me please!

I just listed a fun monkeys pack on Teachers Pay Teachers- with some great center activities!

Monkey Centers on Teachers Pay Teachers

{Free} Recording Sheets


So, here is what is included in the pack on Teachers Pay Teachers….

Calendar Questions


There are 12 cards with questions about what I call “the calendar”… days of the week, months, date, etc..


I did not number these incase you don’t like one of them- or if something is too hard/easy.. But, I plan on numbering mine so this can be an independent center where my students read the question and record their answer on their recording sheet.

Monkey Memory/Concentration Match


My first graders will LOVE this version of memory match. We will do it together first then I will put it in with another center so they can play when they finish their work. It has 6 pairs- so its not too hard- but not too easy! A perfect independent game!

Count by 2’s!


Bless my little monkeys.. but some of them have the hardest time counting by 2’s… so the more practice the better! These cards go from 0-60 and will be a perfect pocket chart center.



The numbers range from 0-200. I am going to have my students put them in order from least to greatest! I made this recording sheet for them to write the numbers- but I might skip it. There are 40 monkey cards.. and that is going to take toooooo long. So I think we will just order them in the pocket chart.


You can also sort even & odd numbers.

We will also probably play “battle” with these when I do groups. It will be fun – and another way we can get use out of the cards!

Grammar Sentences


12 cards- Do they need a question mark or a period??


On the recording sheet- they will put a ? or . in the box to show me what each sentence needs.

Doubles! Doubles! Doubles!


The recording sheet can be used after they do the cards- or while they matching them. Either way. I will probably have my little ones do the card match in the pocket chart THEN go back to their seats to do the paper.


Are those little girly monkeys with the bows not precious!



So many different ways to use this part of the packet!


The first thing my students will probably do will write the words using the monkey that has the parts already labeled.


Then- we REALLY {I mean, really ! ) need lots of extra writing practice! So, why not use the labeled picture to do some practice writing.


Here is a glimpse of EVERYTHING the packet has..

Click the links below to purchase the centers or download the sheets for free! {thank you!!!}

Monkey Centers on Teachers Pay Teachers

{Free} Recording Sheets

Please do share any monkey ideas you have!! I am trying to plan a few fun activities plus actually teach some monkey facts .. if you have any suggestions please share!!

xoxo, kacey

December 28, 2011

January Calendar Cards {free download}




January.. really? It is almost here!

Happy New Year!

Download the calendar cards for free below {click the link} ..

January Calendar Cards



 If you download- please leave a little ♥ ♥ comment love ♥ ♥

Many thanks!!

xoxo, kacey

ps.. one last time .. January Calendar Cards

December 11, 2011

Christmas Math Centers Part 2



I am finally finished with my Christmas centers part 2 unit..

I really wanted to be finished with this weeks ago-but life got a little busy. But, if you still need some fun activities to do with your students- these are great!

They are on sale in my Teachers Pay Teachers store. You can click below to go see and also you can download the recording sheets I made to go along with them below too. The recording sheets are free.

Christmas Centers on TpT

Free Recording Sheets


So, let’s talk about what is included…

First is an activity that I had in my Thanksgiving Unit that got a lot of feedback. Students will cut and glue the letters out to spell the word Christmas.. then they will follow written directions to color using ordinal words.


The letters fit nicely on a sentence strip. I print off multiple copies of the coloring directions so each student in this center has their own copy.


Telling time match

I use a pocket chart with this activity but it can still be done on the floor or at a table.

Students match all three sets of cards..

Santa cards have the clock faces.

Rudolph cards have the analog times.

Elf cards have the word times.

Then my students will write the times that are on the Santa cards on their recording sheets.


Math Fact Families

When I was cutting these cards- I realized that 12 of these cards might be too much for my little ones to finish during our center time. I will have to see- so I might only use half or even 8 of the cards instead of the whole set.

Students have to write two addition and two subtraction facts using the numbers that are on the cards.


Greatest & Least Numbers

These numbers are a little tricky..

Students have to write the greatest and least number from each card. Or, you could have your students write all four numbers in order from least to greatest… Or, pick just the odd or even numbers and write them. The list is endless- but the recording sheet I made is for the least/greatest numbers.


This is an activity we have been practicing a lot lately.. where I ask my students “How much is….” and I give them a number of coin. Like.. How much is five dimes? They are getting pretty good at it. I will put the bucket of “play money” with this center if they need it to visualize the coins when counting. But, most of my kids can do them in their heads. These cards are dimes, nickels, and pennies!

Here are the links again if you are interested!!

Christmas Centers on TpT

Free Recording Sheets

Happy Sunday to you! This is our last week of school before Christmas break and it is JAMMED packed with fun and exciting things!

Monday: decorate gingerbread houses

Tuesday: make reindeer food

Wednesday: dress rehearsal for Christmas program

Thursday: Christmas program

Friday: class party

Oh, and we must do a little work too!

Sheeezz.. work gets in the way of all the fun stuff!

{I also hope to get a few more crafts done!}


Have a great and blessed Sunday!

xoxo, Kacey

December 9, 2011

Happy Friday!


It’s Friday..and here is an awesome deal for you!!



This little laminator is on sale at Amazon for $16.99!!!

Scotch Laminator

I hope to finish up another Christmas center pack this weekend.. only 2 whole days and 3 half days left for me until Christmas Break!

Whoo Hooo!!


Have a great weekend!!!