December 31, 2011

Winter Centers {Perfect Pocket Chart Activities} listed on TpT



I am really excited to show you this Winter Center Pack that I had made and listed on Teachers Pay Teachers.

It is seriously just what I needed for my first graders to use in the next few weeks. After looking in my “January/Winter” box to see what I had and what I needed.. I realized that I really needed new pocket chart activities. So.. here we go!

Here is the link:

Winter Centers {pocket chart} activities on Teachers Pay Teachers

Sentence to picture matching


We will do this activity together one morning to model it then it will be available for my students to do independently.


There are 12 sentences and 12 pictures.

Students have to match the picture to the sentence.

Pattern Practice


There are 15 pattern cards and a large selection {sorry, don’t know how many exactly} individual picture cards.


Students have to continue the patterns that are on the pattern cards.


They can also use the individual picture cards to make patterns of their own. {I would suggest printing this particular pages extra times so you will have extra cards!}

Number Word Match


Students match the number words to the number cards.


There are 20 snowman cards and 20 bird cards.


You can also have then order the bird cards in order from least to greatest!

Days of the Week and Months of the Year Sort


Sort the cards then put them in order.


Math Facts


Match the math fact to the answer.


There are 15 math fact cards.

Mitten Counting by 5’s


The cards go from 5-200.


This is a really great set- and if you are interested. You can click below to see more and purchase.

Winter Centers {pocket chart} activities on Teachers Pay Teachers


Thank you!!!

xoxo, kacey


ps… There are A LOT of pieces to this pack.. take my advice and don’t cut them out and throw them into a big pile. It will take a long time to sort them out! Experience people.. it’s good advice!



Winter Centers {pocket chart} activities on Teachers Pay Teachers


Tara said...

So CUTE!!! Wish you were a 4th grade teacher too:))

4th Grade Frolics

Mrs. Sullivan said...

I already downloaded and laminated them! Now I am ready to cut them out tonight when I am watching movies. I saw you post about it yesterday and was stalking your TPT store for them. They are great!!

Sara S. said...

Soo cute! You've motivated me to make some activities of my own! (I'd love to use yours, but they're too low for my kiddos). Your work is awesome!

Sara :)

Smiling In Second Grade

Reagan Tunstall said...

great ideas and very cute graphics!

Gina said...

This is such a cute idea! Now you've got me thinking how I can make ones for 3rd grade :)

Erin said...

If I ever find myself teaching a grade level higher than pre-school I am going STRAIGHT to your TpT store and buying everything. I'm probably not even exaggerating! I love all of your stuff. I always try to see if I could adapt enough of it for pre-school! Love. Love. Love!

(Pretty sure I say the same thing every time you post something new!)

Creating & Teaching

Busy Bees said...

These look awesome!! Your kiddos are going to have so much fun next week. Did ya clean out some of those tubs to get all of this darling new stuff in!!


Kelley Cirrito said...

Very cute! Some of my second graders could use that same practice! I will have to do check it out!

Jenna said...

Love this! My students have mastered patterning, but I'm tempted to buy this set just because the pattern cards are so cute :)

How many times did you print the individual cards?

Rebecca said...

Love this! Sooo cute! Thanks so much for posting!

Teaching First

Katie said...

Love your things! I wish we could do more of that in 6th grade! Where do you get your graphics from? They are adorable!!!

Adventures of a 6th Grade Teacher

Beth said...

I saw this on Pinterest, click on it, then saw it was Doodle Bugs, and thought, "I should have known." :) Once again, you make the cutest units! (Now, to get to TpT!)

Valerie Baxter said...

Would there be any way to get just the sentences to match with a picture? I'm working with a new to the US student who those would be perfect for. ~ Thanks!

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