December 29, 2011

Monkeys! Centers on TpT


I really love monkeys- I do!

They are one of my favorite units to teach- and I really hate to admit that I love something that much.. and I have not taught monkeys in 5 years! Seriously! I have been at my current school for five years and I have not taken the “monkey box” out of storage until recently. It was time…

Bring on the Five Little Monkeys, Curious George, Goodnight Gorilla, Caps for Sell, and more.. I am ready! I must freshen up my monkey knowledge so we can actually learn a few new facts about these fun animals! I would love to hear from you if you teach monkeys.. share with me please!

I just listed a fun monkeys pack on Teachers Pay Teachers- with some great center activities!

Monkey Centers on Teachers Pay Teachers

{Free} Recording Sheets


So, here is what is included in the pack on Teachers Pay Teachers….

Calendar Questions


There are 12 cards with questions about what I call “the calendar”… days of the week, months, date, etc..


I did not number these incase you don’t like one of them- or if something is too hard/easy.. But, I plan on numbering mine so this can be an independent center where my students read the question and record their answer on their recording sheet.

Monkey Memory/Concentration Match


My first graders will LOVE this version of memory match. We will do it together first then I will put it in with another center so they can play when they finish their work. It has 6 pairs- so its not too hard- but not too easy! A perfect independent game!

Count by 2’s!


Bless my little monkeys.. but some of them have the hardest time counting by 2’s… so the more practice the better! These cards go from 0-60 and will be a perfect pocket chart center.



The numbers range from 0-200. I am going to have my students put them in order from least to greatest! I made this recording sheet for them to write the numbers- but I might skip it. There are 40 monkey cards.. and that is going to take toooooo long. So I think we will just order them in the pocket chart.


You can also sort even & odd numbers.

We will also probably play “battle” with these when I do groups. It will be fun – and another way we can get use out of the cards!

Grammar Sentences


12 cards- Do they need a question mark or a period??


On the recording sheet- they will put a ? or . in the box to show me what each sentence needs.

Doubles! Doubles! Doubles!


The recording sheet can be used after they do the cards- or while they matching them. Either way. I will probably have my little ones do the card match in the pocket chart THEN go back to their seats to do the paper.


Are those little girly monkeys with the bows not precious!



So many different ways to use this part of the packet!


The first thing my students will probably do will write the words using the monkey that has the parts already labeled.


Then- we REALLY {I mean, really ! ) need lots of extra writing practice! So, why not use the labeled picture to do some practice writing.


Here is a glimpse of EVERYTHING the packet has..

Click the links below to purchase the centers or download the sheets for free! {thank you!!!}

Monkey Centers on Teachers Pay Teachers

{Free} Recording Sheets

Please do share any monkey ideas you have!! I am trying to plan a few fun activities plus actually teach some monkey facts .. if you have any suggestions please share!!

xoxo, kacey


Erika said...

Your stuff is always so adorable and professional. What is Battle and how do you play it?
2B Honey Bunch

Kerri said...

I love your stuff. I can't wait until I'm in first grade next year to use some of your great center packs.
What do you use to create your stuff? It looks so awesome.

Kimberly said...

I love it! Your blog is amazing!
Stop by for a visit! :)

Beth said...

These look great!

laughinbrunette (Jennifer) said...

Love it!
First Grade Blue SKies

Stephanie said...

i love your designs. They are very precise and adorable. I do wish that they were sometimes sold individually. I don't have time to do all of your activities but would love to zero on on specific skills. Thanks

Jenna said...

so cute! i absolutely love your center packets and love that this one can be used any time of the year!

Hannah said...

Just bought these... so cute!! I always love your activities! ~Hannah

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