October 30, 2011

November Calendar Cards {free download}


Yes, I know.. November is TUESDAY! But, I hope I am not too late for you to use these November calendar cards.


I also got a few emails last month that people used the October calendar cards for ordering numbers 1-30.. so these can also be used too if you have younger kiddos!

Here is the link to download:

November Calendar Cards

As always.. if you download I would love for you to leave a comment. If you have a blog- I would love for you to add my blog link or button to it! Thanks y’all!

If you are interested – I have a Thanksgiving Unit and a Fall Unit on Teachers Pay Teachers. My first graders will be doing the fall centers this week!

Thanksgiving Centers

Fall Centers

October 23, 2011

{Thankgiving Centers}

 I have just listed my Thanksgiving Unit on Teachers Pay Teachers.

You can find it here!

You can find the recording sheets here!

Here is a sneak peak of everything in the unit.

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times of the year.. and I am ready to move on from Halloween to Thanksgiving.

My first graders will love these activities but I they can be “tweaked” to work for kindergarten and second graders too.

So here we go…

First, we have some cute little turkey cards that are number word practice. Students read the words then write the number in the box next to the corresponding number.

We also have started playing battle with number word cards and my first graders love this. So, I will tell my students that when everyone in their group is finished they can play battle with the turkey cards.

There are 16 turkey cards in all.

Tally Mark cards..

Why, oh why is it so hard for some students to count by 5’s
 then switch to count by 1’s??

Some of my first graders will FLY through this center so fast.. then I have a few students who really need this practice.

Students will count the tally marks on the cards then write their answer on their recording sheet. There are 12 tally mark cards in all.

We have just started even/odd numbers in our class.

So, this will be perfect independent practice!

Students will sort the cards in a pocket chart {but could easily do it on the floor or table} then record their numbers on their paper.

We will also use the cards to order from least to greatest.

Students will use the reference sheet on the left to spell the Thanksgiving words on the cards.

You will need letter tiles like these…
You can buy them at your local school store..
or if you click the pictures these are from Amazon..

I personally have the blue ones {they are magnetic}
and we use them weekly!

After they spell the words they can write the words under the picture.

Students will cut the letters out and arrange them in order to spell Thanksgiving. Then they use the paper on the left to color the letters.

 For example..
Color the fourth letter orange.
Color the first letter brown.
Color the tenth letter yellow.

The letters fit nicely on a sentence strip when they glue them in order.

And as a fun little bonus.. T
hanksgiving Tic Tac Toe
using Pilgrim or Indian player pieces.

I will put this game in with one of my other centers so they can play when they finish. They will love picking if they want to be a Pilgrim girl, or Pilgrim boy.. or an Indian girl or boy!

You can find  these Thanksgiving Centers here!
You can find the recording sheets here!

Have a great Sunday!

October 19, 2011

Halloween Unscramble Sentences {free download}


I made these little Halloween sentences to unscramble for my first graders and I thought I would share them with you.


When I printed them, I printed 2 pages on 1 page {does that make sense} so they are smaller. 


This was going to be a center this week.. but we have so much extra stuff going on that I ditched my center activities to catch up on “more important things”.

I was not voted favorite teacher after announcing this bit of news.. especially when we talked about NOUNS during center time today..

Even as hard as I tried.. nouns are just not as fun as centers!


Download  the centers below.

Halloween Sentences

In other exciting news..

Our Cat in the Hat scarecrow won “funniest” scarecrow in our local contest !

October 14, 2011

Classroom Scarecrow Project



I wanted to share with you what every extra minute of our week has been devoted to..this silly little Cat in the Hat scarecrow project!

{I marked out our school name on the sign on the right.}

A local place has a scarecrow contest and for the last two years my class has entered the contest. {last year we won!}

This was our creation this year.


We made the bats out of construction paper and laminated them. They have my students’ names on them.


October 11, 2011

Fall Unit



Happy Fall, Y’all!

I had a request for a fall unit since so many of you can not or don’t celebrate Halloween.. so I hope these fun math centers will be something you can use.

I just listed this unit on TpT.

Fall Unit: Math Centers

I usually do a week of fall activities before I start Halloween stuff.. but this year has been a little off-schedule so I totally skipped all of my fall stuff!

But, since Halloween falls on a Monday then I thought I might do all fall activities that week.. .. and that will lead us right into the first of November!

So, here is what is included…


Skip counting by 5’s.. from 5-150. These pumpkin cards are so cute!


You can download the recording sheets for free at the end of this post!


Scarecrow.. What number comes next cards?


These numbers go up to 40.


Math fact cards.. adding 2 to a number.



Counting Crows.. count the crows by 1’s, 2’s, 5’s, 10’s.. whatever works best for your students!



Fall Graphing Practice..

I printed the picture page off enough times so that there are enough copies for everyone in the center to have their own.


This will be great independent graphing practice. I am really excited about this center!




You can download the recording sheets below.

Fall Unit Recording Sheets

And if you are interested in purchasing the unit you can find it on Teachers Pay Teachers

Fall Unit: Math Centers


Have a great night!

xoxo, Kacey

October 9, 2011

Silly Spider Art Project {free download}



We made these fun spiders last week and they turned out just precious.

I actually made these 2 years ago and we mounted them on lime green paper.. I did not have any large green paper so we used this pinkish-purple paper.

They would even be cute without the background paper.

Maybe on a big spider web!


Download the patterns below. I print them on white paper from my computer then run them on construction paper on our school’s copier.

Silly Spider Art Patterns

If you download these- please leave a comment!

I would love to hear from you!

I would also love for you to include my blog link or button on your blog!


I totally flaked out this week and did not take but a few pictures of my kids.. WHAT?!? I had my camera everyday but it was a crazy week..


I did get these 2 pictures of this ordinal word center we did. .. it was a big hit. I moved these cards into our pocket chart basket.. so now they can use them anytime they are given permission to use the pocket chart. That way.. they can be used over and over until the end of October.

You can buy my Halloween centers on TpT ..

Halloween Centers

I obviously killed my beloved home laminating machine.. it won’t heat up { oh no! } so I am off to shop around for a replacement! I cannot live without it!

We are out of school tomorrow. (yea!! for Columbus Day!) I am so excited for an extra day! Hope you have a great weekend!

xoxo, kacey

October 2, 2011

{Halloween Centers}


I have just listed my Halloween Centers on the TpT site.

Halloween Centers by Doodle Bugs Teaching

The recording sheets are at the end of this post for you to download.


I wanted to get these out this weekend so you could have them the whole month of October. I will not be using these myself all next week.. but will use them sometimes this month.

So, here is what is included…


Months of the Year & Days of the Week sort

My students will put these in order in the pocket chart then record the days and the months in order on their recording sheet.


Labeled Witch Writing Activity

We have practiced writing sentences using a labeled picture. So, I made a witch and they will write descriptive sentences using the picture. I printed off four of the witch papers so everyone will have their own paper to look at when they are in this center.


Ordinal Word Match

I am in love with these cards.. so cute! The ordinal words are on ghosts and the ordinal numbers are on candy corn.  Students can match them together then record the words on their paper.



Halloween ABC order cards

I printed out 4 sets so every student would have their own cards.


Put the cards in order, write the words then illustrate.


Counting by 10’s Cards

The cards are numbered 10-300 and the recording sheet has boxes to write the numbers then below it has a few “What number comes next questions?”


Telling Time Match

This is a huge matching set.

They can match all three cards to show the same time.


The recording sheet goes with the analog clock cards.. they are numbered so the student records the time next to the number on their paper.

If you are interested in buying these centers.. here is the link:

Halloween Centers by Doodle Bugs Teaching

You can download the recording sheets below

Halloween Centers Recording Sheets


Thank you!! Have a blessed Sunday!

xoxo, Kacey