October 2, 2011

{Halloween Centers}


I have just listed my Halloween Centers on the TpT site.

Halloween Centers by Doodle Bugs Teaching

The recording sheets are at the end of this post for you to download.


I wanted to get these out this weekend so you could have them the whole month of October. I will not be using these myself all next week.. but will use them sometimes this month.

So, here is what is included…


Months of the Year & Days of the Week sort

My students will put these in order in the pocket chart then record the days and the months in order on their recording sheet.


Labeled Witch Writing Activity

We have practiced writing sentences using a labeled picture. So, I made a witch and they will write descriptive sentences using the picture. I printed off four of the witch papers so everyone will have their own paper to look at when they are in this center.


Ordinal Word Match

I am in love with these cards.. so cute! The ordinal words are on ghosts and the ordinal numbers are on candy corn.  Students can match them together then record the words on their paper.



Halloween ABC order cards

I printed out 4 sets so every student would have their own cards.


Put the cards in order, write the words then illustrate.


Counting by 10’s Cards

The cards are numbered 10-300 and the recording sheet has boxes to write the numbers then below it has a few “What number comes next questions?”


Telling Time Match

This is a huge matching set.

They can match all three cards to show the same time.


The recording sheet goes with the analog clock cards.. they are numbered so the student records the time next to the number on their paper.

If you are interested in buying these centers.. here is the link:

Halloween Centers by Doodle Bugs Teaching

You can download the recording sheets below

Halloween Centers Recording Sheets


Thank you!! Have a blessed Sunday!

xoxo, Kacey



S. Parker said...

I just love your stuff! You are so talented in creating such beautiful standards based activities. It makes me either want to be your teaching partner at school or be a student in your classroom. I can't decide which one!
Although, I teach k, this year, I am seriously thinking of purchasing this because it looks too cute. :)

Rebecca said...

These are SUPER CUTE! I can't wait to buy them!

Teaching First

Janae said...

I LOVE these! Thanks! :)

The Sharpened Pencil

Gladys said...

Kacey...you ROCK! These are on my TpT wishlist already!

Rachelle said...

These are so cute! But I think they would be too hard for my kinders....

Anonymous said...

I bought the Halloween set and love it! Just started printing it off for my grandson! Gwyn

sarah said...

I love that you show everything you get in the unit BEFORE purchasing it. That is a great idea! Can't wait to buy it!

SC Teacher 28 said...

These are adorable. I have these on my wishlist! :)

Tanya said...

This pack is amazing! I bought it today, printed it out already, and am about to start cutting. Thank you for your creations!
☺ Tanya
First Grade is Fantabulous!

Anonymous said...

Awesome stuff!!! These are wonderful! What program do you use for your clipart? My school is wanting to do more with themes and this clipart has the perfect look to it! :)

Beth said...

STOP! I was not going to buy one more new Halloween thing... until I saw how cute and right on target your activities were. Thanks for an irresistible product. They are worth every penny!

Ana said...

Hi there!
I heart your blog and nominate for an award. Grab it here:

SAS said...

What a great unit! I love it! I gave you the I Heart Your Blog award! See my blog for the award!

Kindergarten Korner

MJ @ Teaching in Heels said...

What an adorable unit!! And great practice! :)

Amanda said...

You always have the cutest centers and activities! I love your blog so I'm passing on the Versatile Blogger Award to you! Thanks for sharing all of your great ideas!

First Grade Garden

Mrs. S said...

Your Halloween unit is just soooo cute!!!! Love it! Thanks for sharing your creative talents with us.

Ashleigh said...

Your graphics are amazing!!! I love it-especially the witch!


emkayeye said...

Love the graphics, Love the activities so so cute!

Kristie Peckham said...

Thank you so much! All of your creations are amazing.

TheMorans said...

I am having trouble finding it on TPT site!

Anonymous said...


The Raglands said...

Hi, Did you take your Halloween Centers off of TPT? I click on your link and it says the page is not found.


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