October 11, 2011

Fall Unit



Happy Fall, Y’all!

I had a request for a fall unit since so many of you can not or don’t celebrate Halloween.. so I hope these fun math centers will be something you can use.

I just listed this unit on TpT.

Fall Unit: Math Centers

I usually do a week of fall activities before I start Halloween stuff.. but this year has been a little off-schedule so I totally skipped all of my fall stuff!

But, since Halloween falls on a Monday then I thought I might do all fall activities that week.. .. and that will lead us right into the first of November!

So, here is what is included…


Skip counting by 5’s.. from 5-150. These pumpkin cards are so cute!


You can download the recording sheets for free at the end of this post!


Scarecrow.. What number comes next cards?


These numbers go up to 40.


Math fact cards.. adding 2 to a number.



Counting Crows.. count the crows by 1’s, 2’s, 5’s, 10’s.. whatever works best for your students!



Fall Graphing Practice..

I printed the picture page off enough times so that there are enough copies for everyone in the center to have their own.


This will be great independent graphing practice. I am really excited about this center!




You can download the recording sheets below.

Fall Unit Recording Sheets

And if you are interested in purchasing the unit you can find it on Teachers Pay Teachers

Fall Unit: Math Centers


Have a great night!

xoxo, Kacey


Tammy@primaryparadise.blogspot.com said...

Beautiful. You did a great job.

Karen said...

WOW! Your unit looks fabulous!

Erin said...

I LOVE your idea for your graphing practice station! I would be excited about that too! Such a good idea!

Anonymous said...

Will you be making some center activities similar to this for around Thanksgiving time? something with turkeys, feathers, etc?

Kendra said...

I absolutely LOVE all of the things you create! Absolutely fabulous!

gtcase said...

I love this unit!! I have been a follower for quite awhile. Please enter me in your giveaway!

Isabel Z said...

This is absolutely ADORABLE! Since I teach preschool it's too advanced for my kiddos but I sent it to my sister who teaches older children.

Kelley Cirrito said...

I just found your blog and I love it! You are very creative!

Kelley Cirrito

~Sheri~ said...

I want to THANK YOU for sharing these wonderful things with us!!! They make great review centers for my 2nd graders. I know this may seem a bit early but I'd like to try to plan ahead and get the laminating done......do you have any great Winter/Christmas themed center units that you can post on TPT????? THANKS again!!! --Sheri

Cathy said...

Everything is so cute! I love all of your creations. :)

Miss Squirrels said...

I follow you on your blog, tpt store, and i grabbed your button! Please neter me in the oct 15 giveaway!

Mrs. Reens said...

I love your stuff! Did you know the counting pumpkins is missing 110? I didn't see commen about it...if there was, my apologies!

Sandy & Misty said...

awesome stuff,, please enter me in your giveaway,, my preschoolers would love this:)
thansk Sandy

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