November 27, 2011

{Christmas Centers}


I have just listed a Christmas center pack on TpT.

You can click below to check it out.

Christmas Centers

Here are the recording sheets you can download for FREE!

Christmas Centers Recording Sheets

So here is what is included in this pack…

Counting by 2’s sleigh cards.


These go from 2-50.



The recording sheet has a place for students to write the numbers and at the bottom write the missing before and after numbers.

Months of the Year Cards


Students can arrange the cards in order. Then use the ornament cards to answer the questions.


Lots of good “thinking” questions- and ordinal word practice.


There are 2 recording sheets to go with this activity. The first one is just writing the months in order. The second one is answering the questions.

Christmas ABC order cards


Put the cards in order then write and illustrate the words in ABC order.


I am also going to print 2 sets of these cards for students to play “memory”.

Base Ten Cards


Students count the ones & tens pieces and record their answers on the recording sheet.


Number Words

Students read the number words and write the number and write if it is even or odd on the recording sheet.


Here are the links one more time…

Christmas Centers on TPT

Here are the recording sheets you can download for FREE!

Christmas Centers Recording Sheets



Jessica said...

Your Christmas Centers look fantastic!! I LOVE how you took pictures of each center- super helpful. My brain is spinning on how to use these in my room.

Reagan Tunstall said...

um...consider it done...excellent centers!
I'm heading to buy. Are you having a cybersale?
Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits

Sarah said...

LOVE LOVE! I think here is where my K world & your 1st world is starting to split!! Oh man!! However, I LOVE your base ten cards!! Where do you even go to "get" the graphics for something like that??

Happy Holidays!!

Stephanie said...

LOVE IT! So cute is you work! While I am pretty sure it is too late to make requests for the season but do you have any just winter themed activities along the same lines. I walk a fine line when I bring in christmasy activities. Thanks

Delighted said...

I am just totally amazed how much work you put into making these! You totally rock in my world!

First Grade Delight

Ms. Martin and Friends said...

Can't wait to purchase these tomorrow! Love your stuff! Thanks for showing us what's included!

Dee said...

Hi! I'm passing the Sunshine Award to you because you have a fabulous blog and I love your ideas! Thank you!
First Impressions

Rachelle said...

So cute! I was wondering if you would be doing December calendar number cards? My class has enjoyed your october and november ones.


Sarah Cooley said...

Looks DARLING!!! I LOVE your STUFF!!!
-Sarah C.-

mittelmommy said...

Very cute! I too am wondering if you will be doing December Calendar cards? My son, daughter, and I have been enjoying them the last two months!

Stacy@{share and remember} said...

Hi, I just came across your blog through Pinterest. I'd love to get the matching cards/ABC order cards separately if possible..I have preschoolers so I can't really use the rest of the pack. I love the pictures & colors! Thanks, Stacy

Dee said...

I love all of your centers!!! Where do you get your clip art?

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