November 25, 2011

{Black Friday Sale and Online Deals }

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Come on over to my Doodle Bugs website! I have restocked the SALE page and LOWERED the prices on all the generic items on the site!

Everything is limited quantities!

Doodle Bugs Paper Sale items

Shipping is also a flat rate of $6.00..


And as a little extra.. Living Social has a $20 gift certificate for $10 to Office Max! Here is the link

Office Max Deal

I just bought one.. I can always use something!

And Groupon has a gift certificate for

Old Navy. $20 credit for $10…

(I would suggest you go to Ebates and click on Groupon (get 6% cash back today!) then buy your Old Navy deal)


And as if that is not enough Ebates has a HUGE list of stores that are offering double cash back! I have already used Bath & Body Works, Barnes and Noble, and I am about to use them to shop on North Face.

The picture above proves that everyone should use with Ebates.. that is the last check I got and it is on my desk right now- Who doesn’t want $252 to use at Christmas time!

So, what deals do you have to share with me? I have a list of items and prices. I have a few things I bought this morning- but I am hoping Cyber Monday is busting with great deals.. and I have the day off from school to shop!


Ashley said...

Ebates seems to be a win win deal? Can you explain how it works? Seems almost too good to be true!


Doodle Bugs Paper said...

Ashley- it is pretty easy! Anytime you want to order something online.. go to Ebates. See if that store is listed there. Most of the big name stores are there...

Click on the store name and it will tell you how much cash back you will receive from shopping at that store. Then it will transfer you to that website.

For instance.. today Bath and Body works gave me 10% back of my order. I spent around $30 so I will get $3.00 in my ebates account.

I went to Ebates- clicked on Bath and Body Works- they transferred me to the BBW website- and I shopped as normal.

4 times a year they send you a check.

The key is to visit Ebates- click on the store then shop. Don't go directly to the store. You have to go through ebates to get the cash back.

Most stores don't offer much (between 3-5% but it adds up if you shop alot online!)

Amy said...

I use Swagbucks as my search engine and I earned $25 in gift cards to Amazon which I used towards a Kindle for my son for Christmas. $25 for doing nothing! I'm in!

Rebecca said...

I just LOVE your blog! I've nominated your blog for the Sunshine Award because you make me smile! Come take a look!

Teaching First

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