August 21, 2011

Getting Ready


Sunday means getting things organized and ready for a new week.. Week #2 for us!

This week will be all about color words, number words and our first word family- the “at family”.

As part of their homework Thurday night my students had to fill out this little mini questionnaire form. It has their name, age, favorite color and five things they love. I took their pictures and made it into our first class book this weekend.


{I whited out our school name on the cover}


I also spent time getting papers and lesson plans organized and ready for a new week.


And, look who is going to school with me this week… PETE


Have a great Sunday afternoon!


The word in blogland is that Teacher Week is starting tomorrow..

Head on over to I’m Blog Hoppin to find out the schedule.


Sandra Guntorius said...

Love the classbook, too cute.

Classically Fabulous said...

Adorable! I just picked up Pete the Cat at B&N. I think my firsties will love it during the first week!

Anonymous said...

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kaylee said...

Cute book! What font did you use for the cover and the student names?

Mrs. Olsovsky said...

Love this idea :) I pinned it on Pinterest. Love the font...I'm with Kaylee, what font is it?

Megatron80 said...

I like the mini questionnaire book. I'm following from a link on 4th Grade Frolics.

kjb085 said...

i love your ideas! you make your classroom so colorful!!

Anonymous said...

I love it! Too cute! I'm also curious what font that is? Thanks so much for your time :)

Miss J said...

Love the class book!!

Mrs. Kairise's Preschool Group said...

Love all the great ideas! Where'd you get the Pete the Cat stuffed toy?

Anonymous said...

for those interested the font is MTF Jumpin Jack :)

Diane said...

Where do you get this font?

Mrs. Kairise's Preschool Group -- You can get the Pete the Cat stuffed toy from Amazon. I just received mine. It was sold out and I was on a waiting list, but they were quick at getting in more. He's very cute!

Dynelle Dunn said...

I love your first day book, looks very professional!

O FISH ally a First Grader (Corinna) said...

I just found your blog and I'm super excited! I teach First Grade too! I look forward to reading your future posts and all the ideas that you share!