August 24, 2014

Last Week..


We survived the second week of school. It seems like the days are flying by. But, boy I am STILL dead tired each day.

Here are a few things we did last week.


I introduced this favorite cat this week- everyone loves PETE!


We read several Pete books- and saved some for this coming up week. Most of my books came from either Scholastic or Amazon.

185    186

We also watched several Pete You Tube videos. They LOVE them!

Here is a fun one they ask for each day.

We will continue our Pete Week this coming up week.

Just as a side note- a few years ago the people in “Pete’s World” asked all the sellers on Teachers Pay Teachers to pull all Pete items. As much as we love Pete – we can not sell or share Pete items. I realize that some sellers are still doing it. But, they asked nicely and most sellers removed their items. I did have a Pete the Cat unit but sadly I can not sell or share it.  I do have these two cat units that I adore myself.



The week before last was all about Brown Bear. We made this class Brown Bear book. I brought it home last weekend and put it together.


It has been a favorite all week.

IMG_6826      IMG_6827

***Click here to download for free is you are interested or can use it. ***

178    179     

We worked hard on the –at family. And, I pulled out the magical highlighters. Jackpot!

Every kid loves a highlighter.


My small group table was in cat overload.


We practiced sorting –at words. We did this together at the table in small groups. Then it was moved to one of the pocket chart baskets for an independent choice activity.

193   194

We had our first time “writing the room”. Or as one little first graders asked, “When can we hunt those cats again?” Yikes.. hunting cats does not seem like a cat friendly activity.


A kid + a clipboard = happiness


All of these “–at family” activities are in my –at unit.


In keeping with our cat theme – we used my cat counting cards each day to practice ordering numbers from least to greatest. 


187   IMG_6901    

Each morning on the mat- we always complete a chart with different skills.


Most of my morning work is coming from my Math Review Sheets. I am using the Kindergarten review set mostly. But, this counting by 10’s paper came from the next set which is a little bit harder.


This coming up week is sure to be another busy time in first grade. We will continue to have fun with Pete. But, we will work on the –an family. Some of my little friends are having a hard time ordering numbers. So, we will continue lots of practice. We are also ordering the letters of the alphabet. Counting by 5’s and number words to ten are also on the to-do list! We are also still reviewing consonant sounds daily.

Have a wonderful and blessed week!


  1. Wow! Busy week. Thanks for the brown bear book.
    Love it!

  2. You had an awesome/busy week! Thanks for sharing everything. You are really getting into your routine. I start back this week and kids come after Labor Day... I'm anxious but so excited to get things rolling. :) Keep up the great work!
    Mrs. Bentin's Blackboard

  3. Too cute!! I love Pete! I was so disappointed that my Target didn't have the blue lunch bags I use to make Pete puppets this year...
    Keep Calm and Love First Grade