August 22, 2014

Five for Friday {Linky Party… August 22nd}


Five for Friday is a weekly teacher linky party where you post five random things from today or this past week and on your blog. Then, you come back and link your blog post up at the bottom of this post in the linky tool.Grab the button above and link back to this post on your blog.

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It was Pete week this week in our classroom. We did not get 1/2 of the things done I had planned so Pete will be back next week for Pete Week Part II. But, it’s all Cool! We all LOVE this cool, blue cat!

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I finished up my newest unit.. a Back to School Pack this is perfect for those crazy first days {or weeks!}


It has two craft projects- the bees above and the super easy pencil below. All the patterns are included.


It also has flash cards for counting and the alphabet. Counting by 1’s to 100, Counting by 5”s and Counting by 10’s. Ink friendly – looks great on colored cardstock.


There are lots of printables and other fun stuff included..

Quick Link: Back To School Unit

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I got questioned last week about Biscuit. It was the first time she had not made an appearance on my Five for Friday since we rescued her. For all of you following Biscuit’s journey she is doing great and adjusting fine. She went from being homeless, hurt by stray dogs to living the good life. She is pretty much healed up fine and back to normal. How could you not love her?

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It’s always fun to come home to a surprise in the mailbox. One of my long time stationery customers  sent me this book in the mail with the sweetest back to school note. She is a former kindergarten teacher and she saw my last post that said Pete was coming .. and she mailed me this new book. And, it is one I didn’t have. I was really excited to add it to my collection.

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Week Overview

Today is the last day of Blog Hoppin Teacher Week. Sadly.. I could not pull off a post all week. Back to School has kicked my tail again this week along with a few other obligations. But, I have been reading the link up post each night before going to bed. It is definitely worth checking out!

I would absolutely LOVE for you to post your five for friday post and link up below. Remember to grab the button above and link back to this post.

Happy Weekend friends!



  1. How did you get so many Pete the Cat books?! Lucky :) Super cute puppy!

    Oh the Little Wonders

  2. I'm jealous of all your Pete the Cat books!! Biscuit is so so cute!!! :)

    A Sunny Day in First Grade

  3. My heart started beating faster when I saw all that Pete the Cat goodness!! My class loves him! I'd love to know more about your Pete week! The alphabet and number cards are such a smart addition to your BTS pack! I just started in 1st grade and have been looking for some cards to use for games and these are vey nice looking!

  4. My kiddos love Pete the Cat. Wish I had your collection. Your little "biscut" is sooo cute! Boy did he stumble into a good home.

    Luv My Kinders

  5. I didn't make it in time to link up, perhaps I'll have to do a Five for Friday on a Saturday! I adore Pete the Cat! SO much fun! Have you scooped up my Rocking Our School Shoes Freebie?

  6. We love Pete the Cat too, he's a huge fave in our room!! I just love your furbaby Biscuit, what a great name!!! I hope you have a wonderful school year, and thanks for hosting such an awesome linky party!!

    Warmest Wishes, Erin from Kindergarten Dragons

  7. Hooray for Biscuit!!!! That's such great news!