November 17, 2013

Fruit of the Spirit


Every Monday morning we start our week off with a Bible class taught by a good friend of mine. She graciously comes and teaches a 45 minute Bible lesson and I try and reinforce the lesson all week. This week she told me she was teaching the Fruit of the Sprit. I started searching for some kid-friendly activities. I found several.. but they were not as “cute” as I wanted them to be. .. so I made my own.

My Fruit of the Spirit unit includes:

*Posters for the 9 Fruit of the Spirit
*Art Project/ Craftivity
*Coloring Sheet
*Cut and Paste the Fruit of the Spirit in Order
* Write the Fruit of the Spirit in order
*Sequencing Cards
*Book with each Fruit explained in easy, kid friendly text (black and white version)
*Book with each Fruit explained in easy, kid friendly text (colored version)

We used these posters everyday this week. I would mix them up and pick two students to come to the pocket chart and put them in order each morning while we were on the mat.


Cut and glue the words in order.


All week I told them we were going to make something on Friday using the Fruit of the Spirit. I put my “sample” picture up on Friday morning.. and they were so excited!


I put them in groups and they made their “fruit trees” using the patterns included in the unit. They made their own tree and did a fabulous job!004002

Here are some of the finished trees..


I am pretty proud of these kids.. they can quote Galatians 5:22 without hesitation and after a week of discussing the Fruit of the Spirit they understand.

I teach in a private, Christian school. I know most of you cannot use this.. but I hope a few can! It was a fun week in our class and my first graders really enjoyed it and they have a real understanding of each of the Fruit of the Spirit.


To purchase: Fruit of the Spirit Unit


But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.
Galatians 5:22-23


  1. I love your Fruit of the Spirit activities! You mentioned "...most of you cant use this particular activity" in secular classrooms. That reminded me of how much I loved teaching at a private Christian school many years ago.I teach in a public school in FL now. Last year, I wanted to do a unit on just this...the Fruits of the Spirit. The character traits (joy, love, peace, etc) are all important to children from Christian households and those that are not. So I decided to write (and refer to) the traits as
    Fruits of the Heart :)
    Well, we dove head first into all that is pure, all that is good! (I , did, leave out Faithfulness, begrudgingly) I even put our Fruits of the Heart drawings/writings out on the hallway BB. Don't you know, the principal promptly entered my classroom and was stumbling around her words....
    " know you cannot teach religious subject matter here. " "I know, of course not. Those are all part of the positive character traits unit. " I then shifted the cionversation to the children, asking them to tell Mrs. *** about being a caring person, a kind friend, etc. (I was able to leave it up outside on my board! :) I(Thank you, God :)

  2. Love it! I have it on my wish list! I teach in public school but I work in the Children's Ministry in church and I sure can use this! Thanks for sharing Jessica @

  3. Hi Kacey,

    I teach in a private, Christian school here in Australia, too. Thanks for making this unit! When I went looking for Nativity activities for Christmas, your free Jesus craft was one of the only things I found. We made it last week (we finish up school in 2 weeks so do Christmas stuff quite early!) and it is just so cute.

    Love, Laughter and Learning in Prep!

  4. Love this for the Sunday School class at my church!!

  5. LOVE these!!! I am a teacher but also a kids church director so these are perfect! Keep em coming!! Good Christian education resources are hard to find!! Love it! THANKS for sharing!!!

  6. We study the Fruit of the Spirit all year. We take one fruit a month. This month it's kindness! I made a fun art project today that I mentioned in my Five for Friday! I love your unit..I'll have to go check it out! Thanks for sharing.

  7. I teach at a public school, so I can't use this. But I just wanted to tell you how cute I think it is! Great job :)

    Carolina Teacher