May 7, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Sales



Click the  banner above to jump over to my store.. all my products are on sale! Enter the code above to get an additional 10% off.


I am also having a sale on my Doodle Bugs Paper site. Click the banner above to check it out.


Happy Teacher Appreciation Day!


  1. Hi Kacey. I purchased some of your awesome products last night, but they weren't listed as on sale. I did use the TPT code and got the 10% off, but just wanted you to know that they weren't listed as on sale otherwise. Was it maybe just specific products in your store? Anyway, I LOVE your things and am thankful you take the time to create so I don't have to!!
    Thanks so much for making them!

  2. 4 days?!?! You LUCKY duck!! Enjoy it.. you're almost there!!!!! So jealous :) I love the mother's day craft! Those are all amazing!

    Happy Friday!