May 5, 2013

Spring Time Directed Drawings



If you have been reading my blog lately.. you know I am a big believer in directed drawings.


They teach great skills like following directions, listening, and directional words {above, below, etc..} and shapes. I do directed drawings with my first graders all year.


I have just finished a Springtime Directed Drawing Pack- it features a ladybug, caterpillar, flowers, butterfly, bumble bee, and a frog.


You can find this pack in my store by clicking the button above.


  1. I love directed drawings (it is the only way I can draw anything!!!) because not only do they help with following directions and listening skills, students are SUPER proud of their drawings!

    Literacy Without Worksheets

  2. Directed drawing was the very first lesson I ever did with a group of kiddos, and seeing them all make their own version of my picture (so cute and hilarious!) was one of the things that made me choose teaching as a career. So yep, you could say I'm a big fan! Love your cuties!
    Whimsy Workshop

  3. This is awesome! I am a third grade teacher and have never done directed drawings, but I'm thinking this is the perfect time to try one- and to use those directional words we call in the upper grades prepositions.

    When you do this, do you draw it at the same time where the students can see, like on the board or under a document camera? Or, do you just tell them what to draw. Like I said, I have never done this before!!

    Thanks so much!!

    KellyKoonce’s Korner

  4. I love drawing to learn to read and write! I used Animated Literacy with K and first grade, they loved it! Your approach looks grade!!!

    Mrs.D's 3am Classroom Creations

  5. I meant **great** not grade!

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