March 6, 2012

USA fun

Today, I finally packed up the last few bits of our USA unit.. and said goodbye to George and Abe for awhile. It was time.. I get tired of seeing the same thing for too long and I am always ready to move on to the next fun adventure..

The bad part is that Dr. Seuss is mixed right up in the middle of the America stuff.. so my room is a little wacko right now. Throw in a few leprechauns and shamrocks.. and it’s pure … tacky!

Here are a few things we did when we had our “USA week”. I don’t have any of this to share. But, some of it needs to be replaced and redone because my centers are several years old. So, I have put remaking these on my to-do list.


One center was to read the number words on the flag cards- and write the number on their recording sheet.


Math fact center.


Color some of the states. This is a fun center and simple center.


Cut and glue the words to finish the pledge of allegiance. This came from a file folder book.. and we did it as a center.


We talked a lot about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.


Our calendar board was filled with pictures about President Obama and his family.


Our book table was filled with America books and picture albums of Washington DC. The picture albums hold pictures that I took on a trip to Washington DC. They love these!


We made these cute little George Washingtons for our hall board.


And this cutie got pulled out again! My mom made this several years ago to show how tall Abraham Lincoln really was.. it’s always fun to see students “look up to him”.




  1. These activities are so cute and look like fun!

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