March 11, 2012

St. Patrick’s Day Recap


I truly feel like I don’t do St. Patrick’s day justice. It is a fun holiday.. that I really do love. But, we are always out for Spring Break the week of St. Patrick’s Day and I try and squeeze it in the week before which is also a testing week. So, it basically gets little attention.

This year was actually worse than most years- we really only did one art project, read {two} St. Patrick’s day books and our centers were St. Patrick’s Day related. It was rushed to say the least.


I bought this precious art project from Regan Tunstall that I had planned to do .. but it didn’t happen. I just couldn’t fit it in. But, I did use her precious idea and made a HUGE leprechaun to go on the bulletin board for our hall. It was my month and we made this big guy for everyone to see and enjoy!


The centers we did are all included in my March Center packet.


Number words


Three digit math facts042

1/2 of a number and doubles math facts


Counting by 3’s


Whoo Hooo for Spring Break this week!

xoxo, Kacey


  1. These are precious! I'm with you! It's so hard to squeeze in St. Paddy when you're out for Spring Break! Have a great one!!

    Peace, Love, and First Grade

  2. Thank you for linking up!! I love it all!!
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

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