February 1, 2012

{wednesday randoms..}

I want to thank Pitner’s Potpourri, Happy Teaching Sisters, and Third Grade Teacher Files for tagging me in the “Tag Game” that is jumping around the teaching blog-land.. I am picking three questions from each of them to answer- instead of answering 36 questions!

From Pitner’s Potpourri..

What treat or pick me up do you keep hidden in your desk at school? Hersey Kisses

What one new thing do you want to try on your blog? linky parties.. I just need some assistance. Anyone want to help me?

What time do you get up on school days?  anywhere from 6:20-6:50

From Happy Teaching Sisters

What is your favorite subject to teach? Hands down.. math!

Are you married? If so how long have you been married? Yes, 11 years in July.

What kind of car do you drive? A Ford Expedition. I could never have anything smaller- but I really want a Mini Coop.



From Third Grade Teacher Files

Who has influenced you the most as a teacher? my mom- she is actually my boss now and my room is directly across the hall from her. I could not make it without her!

If you could have a shopping spree at one place, where would it be? Probably Hobby Lobby

What is a pet peeve of yours? Lazy people..



I also want to think Inside the Classroom for awarding me the Versatile Blogging Award.

My newest item in my Teachers Pay Teachers store are these 3 digit math fact cards. I am really excited about using them with my first graders!


There are 12 subtraction cards with answer cards.


There are 12 addition and subtraction mixed cards plus answer cards.


And 12 addition cards and answer cards.


So, 36 cards in all. You can use these with or without the answer cards. They will make a great “matching” activity or take away the answer cards and have students write the answers on a recording sheet. I really think these will be great practice for your first and second graders.. and maybe even third grade too?

Here is the link: 3 Digit Math Fact Cards

Groundhog’s Day is TOMORROW!!

Are you scrambling to find something awesome to do?

If so.. here are a few great things… and they are all FREE!!

FInally in First has a pattern to make a groundhog. We made these today! {We changed it up a bit.. we mounted on blue background paper with black at the bottom to make it look like he was coming out of his burrow.}

Peterson’s Pad has a great little mini groundhog book. I printed these so we could have a great little mini-science lesson on groundhogs. I printed them smaller {4 pages to one page} so they are a great size.

A Cupcake For The Teacher has some fun printables.

Over the MoonBow has the most perfect little graphing header cards. Do not make your own .. when you can grab these! A great timesaver!

I have a HUGE stack of laminating to cut out tonight and a bag full of Valentine “stuff” that I need to sort through and organize. Once we finish Groundhoggin’ we are moving on to Valentine’s Day! {oh yeah.. we gotta squeeze some President’s Day stuff in there too!}


xoxo, Kacey


  1. I love your math cards, dime game, and valentine's packet. I can not wait to get them ready for my little ones.


  2. Your mom is your boss???? That's so cool!!!!!!
    Love all of your stuff - especially the new stuff. VERY COOL! Thanks for the links to the groundhog stuff.
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  3. So creative and cute! I teach kindergarten and would love 2 digit addition and subtraction cards available (hint,hint).

  4. Were your ears burning? I just posted a tangent about your calendar cards! They have saved my calendar wall from looking so 10 years ago. I print several sets of them and put them out for the kiddos to use in all kinds of ways. They can wait til the first day of the new month to see what Ms. Doodlebug has for our calendar. Thanks so much for making them a freebie!

  5. LOVE your ideas!
    what is the font you used around the door for 100th day, and what is the font you used for the math cards? absolutely LOVE them!


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