July 29, 2017

Color and Number Word Sort


One of my summer goals was to make a few low prep but easy to use centers for the first few weeks of school. That time when you need something easy for your new kiddos to do independently.

This color and number word sort is PERFECT! Mine are prepped and in a little plastic box from the Dollar Tree ready for my new batch of first graders that come in just a few days.


These fit perfect in a pocket chart but also will work great on the floor/mat area or even on a table. Easy peasy!


The purpose of these word sorts is to identify the words (color or number) using different fonts. I know this is one thing my first graders struggle with each year. They get really good at recognizing these words in a basic primary font- but they need extra practice with the cutesy/fun fonts that we see in the real world.

However.. I did still keep it kind friendly and did not go overboard with fonts that had unique looking letters.


So, there are 10 cards for each color/number and they just sort them under the correct header card.


Print, cut, laminate and store in a little sandwich box (or any container or even ziploack bag!) and you are ready to go!


I also wanted to mention that I *accidently* printed this entire product 1/2 the size it should be.. (the 2 per page option when printing.)

But, after I saw it printed that size it worked perfect! So, I left it normal size in the product because you can easily choose to print it smaller when you download.

And, it saves on ink and paper!


I plan to use these as a small group activity with 1-2 kids partnered up or even as an early finisher activity.


But, one thing I LOVE to do with my pocket chart activities is to use them as “exit slips” when we leave my mat time each morning. I just pass out cards and as they get up to go back to their desk- they drop their cards in the correct place in the pocket chart.

This also demonstrates how to use the product so when I give it to them later in small group or independently they can do it without instruction.



I just listed this in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store if you are interested!

Quick Link: Color and Number Word Sort


  1. cool idea! I've done different individual letters to help preschoolers and kinders identify but not color or number words, so I will definitely incorporate this idea very soon to get it introduced to children this school year!!!

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