June 8, 2017

2017 Beach Books

I just returned home from our annual family beach trip. 
Which means I slept, ate, read, repeat..
It's pretty glorious! 

Here is a glimpse of what I read while I was hanging out 
with my toes in the sand. 

I also have these listed on ebay if you are interested :o) You can also click on the Amazon affiliate links below to read the description of each. Or just trust me that they are GOOD!

This was my least favorite but it was still good. Jennifer Weiner has been one of my go-to authors for years. I ran out of reading material and had to make a trip to the book store while I was at the beach. I was rushed (by two teenagers who had better places to be!) so I grabbed this one because Jennifer Weiner really never disappoints and I had not read this one. 
The man character is a blogger so that was also interesting!

Colleen Hoover is one of my very favorite authors. This one has been on my to read list for a few months. I loved it! It also has a few of the same characters as the other Colleen Hoover book (below) that I read so read this one first if you are interested. I had NO idea of the character relation before reading. It was a surprise to find out they had some of the same characters.

Leslie Ann from LaLa Life is a teaching friend of mine and we have really similar reading styles. She always has book reviews and is really good about sharing  what she is reading. She told me that her favorite book from 2016 was Moonshot. And, I intentionally held out on reading it until my beach trip. OH MY! It might be a contender for my #1 book of 2017. I have read almost every one of Alessandra Torre books. (beware..some are a little trashy!) and this was definitely did not disappoint.

This was another recommendation from Leslie Ann. Loved it! 
I almost did not pick this one up because I didn't like the cover image (so much for judging a book by it's cover!) But, so glad I did! It was a fun little read. Just perfect for the beach!

Oh my! This could also be a contender for #1 book of 2017. November 9 seriously kept me on my toes and kept me interested. It was good! Really good!

Seriously, these were some of the best books I have read in a LONG LONG time! I recommend all of them! 

I have listed my copies on ebay if you are interested.


  1. So many good reads! I'm putting All Fall Down on my list now! :)

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