February 24, 2017

Five for Friday {Linky Party.. February 24th}




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My husband and I made a fun little trip to Memphis.

We enjoyed a night at the Peabody.


We watched the ducks… It was not my first time seeing them but it has been awhile. One of the ducks kinda got a wild hair and tried to fly out of the fountain. Which made things a little interesting. Other than that.. they were just ducks floating around in a fountain, surrounded by 100 or so people, in a bar, in a hotel in downtown Memphis, who parade out on a red carpet when a man tells them to. Nothing crazy at all.


My friend Mandy and I always screenshot random pictures from Instagram or facebook and see if we notice the same things in the background. I sent her this picture of me in our room at the Peabody and asked her what she notices…

Her response was socks, Zaxbys and Vera Bradley. Which is pretty much sums of three of my favorite things.

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And the whole reason for the trip to Memphis was to see this guy…


Which is a terrible picture and you cannot even tell who it is.. BUT, I cannot get my videos to load. Ugh!

But, we went to see Garth.

Best show ever! And, wish I could go back tonight to see him again.

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I wanted to share one of my favorite t-shirt shops with you incase you have been hiding under a rock and don’t know about The Wright Stuff Chics.

This was a cute Valentine shirt I ordered.

You should definitely check them out.

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Our school’s auction was last week and this was our class project. Each student painted a 3” square and my dad put all the pieces together in the frame. My students also cut out a cardstock heart and I cut the words from scrapbooking paper. Then, I modge-podged the hearts and the words on to the wood.

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And, here is my quarterly reminder that you should be signed up for Ebates. I think I share this each time I get a check from them. (4 times a year!) Seriously friends, if you shop online you are earning money just by making one little click before you start shopping.


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  1. Hey, Kayce! Looks like you had a great time in Memphis! Love the auction item and the shirt! Just wanted you to know that one of your posts in 2016 mentioned Ebates and that's when I got on board. I. Love. Ebates.! You were right about free money and it's so easy! Thanks for posting about it last year!

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