December 28, 2016

Winter Pocket Chart Activities


I am a HUGE pocket chart lover! We use them daily in my classroom. These new Winter Pocket Chart Activities will fit in perfect when we go back to school next week.

I like to do these as “exit activities” when we leave our mat time each morning. I have a pocket chart attached to my easel and they each get a card {or two} and have to put it in the correct place before they go back to their desk area.


I also use these as early finisher activities after morning work or after small groups. I keep them stored in plastic boxes and they just grab an empty pocket chart or floor space to do them.


The sorting cards also work really great in small buckets that you can grab at Dollar Tree. And, these can literally be set up anywhere.. desk, table, or floor!

There are 10 different sets of cards included in this pack. Here is a better look at each set activity.


And… I know some teachers like to save on ink so I included black line versions of all 10 sets that you can print on colored paper to save ink.


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Winter Pocket Chart Activities

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  1. CUTE, cute graphics!
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