July 20, 2016

Punch Sheets {an engaging, hands on, independent activity}

Punch sheets are the BEST hands on, independent activity for your little ones! I love having these as an early finisher activity for my first graders. All you need are copies and a few hand held hole punches.

 I also like to have my kids highlight the words before they punch. And, they LOVE a highlighter so why not?!?

I have several sets of punch sheets in my store: numbers, number words, color words, and ABCs or they are all bundled together at a special price!

And, if you are against the hole punch idea- they also work great with markers or colors.
I buy hole punches at the Dollar Tree. 
They are usually a little "cheaper built" and are not so hard for little hands to punch.

These sheets are great for first graders the first few weeks of school as a review. 

Here are the links to the punch sheets in my store if you are interested....


  1. I love the worksheets because they help with fine motor skills. I am unable to download the worksheets.

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  3. I really like this idea! It would be great for those kids that need to strengthen their fine motor. I am currently deciding on my monthly themes for the coming year and your products are my fave resource. thanks for all you do, Paula