May 6, 2016

Five for Friday {Linky Party.. May 6th}

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We did these fun direted drawing butterflies this week. We actually drew them last week then my students colored them during any free time they had this week. I cut around each one, mounted on different colored cardstock and laminted each one. They made a cute {and fast!} hallway display. 

These are included in my Spring Directed Drawing Unit.

I teach in a small, Christian private school. And, as a special reward for learning Bible verses this year we had a cereal bar party this week. We did this last year and seriously.. this is the BEST and EASIEST party idea ever! It is simple and the kids love it! 

This next Monday I get to spend a little time with my next year's class. I prepped a summer work folder for them to take home and HOPEFULLY do while they are on break. 

The summer work folder is liste in my store...

Our math centers this week were all from my my new Frog Frenzy Pack. I love these!! 

We will be doing more of these frog centers next week. 
There are plenty for 2 weeks worth of frog fun!

We made out little bitty flower pots again for Mother's Day. I made these last year and they are super simple and really cute. So, I knew I wanted to make them again.

We (ok, me!) wrapped them, and put them inside a bag with their Mother's Day Questionnaire {free download}. They also made a painted tile/coaster in art class. So, it is wrapped and inside the bags too!

And.. just a FYI. I have officially SEVEN (7) days left of school! Crazy!!!
I am sooo ready for a break. But, I don;t want to give this class up.
 I just want to have summer break and pick right back up where we left off!


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  1. Seven days! Wow! And I love that you get to meet your students for next year early! That's a great idea!
    Happy Friday!
    Teaching Voracious Learners

  2. The cereal bar is such a great idea! I love that you get to meet your students before next year! That would make it so much easier to plan for next year!!

    Chevron and Crayons

  3. I've used your Spring Directed Drawings them!

  4. I love those butterflies! They are so colorful and cute!

    Made with Love

  5. Isn't it nice to have a class you just don't want to say goodbye to!! You have seven days... I have six WEEKS. But we are in the home stretch! Thanks, as always, for linky. Kathleen Kidpeople Classroom

  6. Those butterflies are absolutely adorable! I've always wanted to do a directed drawing, so I'm definitely checking out your spring directed drawing pack.