December 29, 2015

Silly Snowmen Math Centers

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I hope you are enjoying your Christmas Break. I finished up this fun set of Silly Snowmen Math Centers this week. I am looking forward to putting these to use the next few weeks in my classroom. I cannot help but smile when I see these cute snowmen! 

Here is a look at what is included.
These ordering number cards range from 0-200. You can pick and choose what numbers you want to use. Maybe just the ones up to 50, or up to 120 or all the way to 200. These fit perfect in a pocket chart or you can have your students use them on the floor, a table or their desk. Two follow-up sheets are included for extra practice.

Use the same cards from above to have your students sort them by even and odd. 

The Count the Snowflake cards can be used by counting by 1's, 2's, 5's or 10's. Recording sheets for all four are included. Just pick which way works best for your classroom.

Do you still have a few students who need extra practice with number words zero-twenty? This matching activity and follow-up printable is perfect! 

And, if you have some students who are ready to move forward with number words these range from the words twenty to ninety-nine. It;s a perfect pocket chart matching activity. {or just have them match on the floor or table!} And, a follow-up sheet is included for these numbers too.

Can you EVER get enough math fact practice?! Never, Ever! This center includes a mixture of addition and subtraction and the recording sheet is included as well.

These cards have four numbers and there are two different recording sheets included. One has students pick just the greatest number. The second sheet has them picking the greatest and least number. 

One of our skills for the week we go back is adding three digits. This center will be a perfect independent practice for my first graders. Students look at each card and write the three numbers to make a three digit math fact.

Telling time?!? Goodness, some of my firsties were having some trouble with this before Christmas so we will be hitting this skill hard the next few weeks! This center includes telling time to the hour and half hour- and the recording sheet is included.

My students will love this center! They have to read and follow the directions to color the snowmens' hats. I like to throw in ordinal word activities to help them not forget these "special number words".

We will also be practicing adding 10 to numbers during the next few weeks. The cards will be a simple center to put to use for extra practice.

I love, love, love a counting pocket chart activity. These counting cards go from 5-300. You can pick and choose if you want your students to use the numbers up to 100, 200 or all the way to 300. A follow up sheet is included if you want them to do a little paper work for extra practice once they are finished ordering the cards.

Oh my.. dice are a first graders dream come true. I can pull out the dice box and my kids get so excited. We do roll and cover activities all through out the year so they will enjoy this snowman version and I bet they will love the build a snowman partner printable as a early finisher activity too.

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