October 19, 2015

#BeTheDifference with the Mailbox Gold: Early Finisher Idea



I am back again this month to share some more of the awesome-ness of the Mailbox Gold program. This is a monthly subscription program that cost $3.00 and you have access to tons and tons of downloadable items. Many of which are programmable. Which means- you can add your text before you print.


This month I am here to show you one way you can manage early finishers. I am ALL about changing up things and but still keeping things in a routine. I absolutely LOVE the idea of early finisher task cards. And, I love that I can change them up with our themes or holidays through out the year.

IMG_0259  IMG_0258

The Mailbox Gold has a feature called Make and Print Tools and you can make your own cards. You just select the border and size, then type and print! Easy Peasy. Makes making task cards a breeze!


And the best part.. quick prep time. I typed the cards, cut, and laminated in less than 1o minutes. Stored them in a cute Halloween tin cup and added a few pencils and a stack of paper. Doesn’t get any EASIER than this!


These cards can be found on the Mailbox Gold. The cost is $3.00 a month and new items are added each month! You can click the box below to jump over and see or read more about this program.


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