July 20, 2014

Math Facts


Good Morning!

I am here to share two of my products with you based on MATH FACTS. It seems like we spend A LOT of time practicing and learning math facts in first grade.


This is my Math Fact Unit. I’ve actually had it in my store for over 2 years but it has recently gotten a nice facelift.

I use this unit weekly and could not live without having it handy! The whole unit is black and white {to save on printing}!PicMonkey Collage1

It has addition and subtraction flash cards. I printed these on colored cardstock, printed and laminated. They are perfect to send home for extra practice or for use in the classroom.

PicMonkey Collage2

I divided the HUGE stack of flash cards and answer cards into sets of 20 and stored them in these little plastic containers to use as an easy math center. They would also be great to use as an early finisher activity. If you divide them into sets of 20 there are enough fact cards to have 12 different buckets.

PicMonkey Collage3

Also included are these clip cards. I use these as math center. I rotate them in and out of my centers through the year. I printed these on colored card stock too. All you need is a set of clothes pins for this center.

PicMonkey Collage4

Also included are the timed math drills I use these weekly with my first graders. I normally start the timed math drills in January. But, there are 24 drills so you could start them before January.

I use the cut and paste sheets as morning work for extra practice.

And.. there are these 1/2 page sheets included that are perfect for more practice.

Then.. I have my Math Facts Practice Sheets!!

I try and send math fact practice work home with my first graders weekly for homework. In an attempt to keep it routine and consistent I created this HUGE set of practice sheets. I will be using this for the first time this coming up school year. It has plenty of options for me to send home and also use for morning work. I am SUPER thrilled to put these to use!


This is a 250+ page set of printables.


I will have more choices than I can actually use- but will LOVE having options this year for extra practice sheets. PicMonkey Collage4

Hello math homework for the YEAR!

There are 9 different sets for addition, subtraction and mixed facts.


mathfacts  mf1

Here are the links..

Math Fact Unit

Math Fact Practice Sheets

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