June 28, 2013

Five for Friday {Linky Party.. June 28th}

Hello Friday! Friday’s don’t have that magical feel in the summer like they do during the school year! HA! Right now, it is just a reminder of how FAST my summer break is flying by! I know some of you are just finishing up school so you don’t feel the panic yet. But, I have just over a month of summer break left.
I also have an announcement about the Five for Friday linky at the bottom of this post.. make sure you check out what is going on!
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We had our last art class at our local library this week.
This week the project was a fun little apple with a worm inside. We had a great time and the end results were cute!

I also spent a few afternoons this week helping to unpack and organize new books! Exciting stuff! New books always make me happy.

I have three students that had birthdays this week- so I mailed off their birthday treats. I included their birthday tag that would have been on our class calendar if we were in school, a pack of Fun Dip and a birthday sticker inside a birthday card. Fun Dip is the perfect treat to mail because it does not take up much room in the envelope.

I have been working on new notebook designs for my Doodle Bugs Paper website.. and I “released” them this week. I am really happy with the 24 new designs! I would love for you to check them out too! They are 6x9 inches, 80 lined pages inside, top spiral.. personalized just for you! I am in love!


I took advantage of Oriental Trading’s free shipping deal last week and stocked up on my favorite stickers. Love these!


.. and for the Five for Friday news! I am taking the month of July off from the linky party. The Five for Friday party will be back on Friday, August 2nd.

But, don’t worry.. My friend Cara is going to keep the Friday Linky Party going in July with a favorite pins link up. So, for the next four weeks link up on her blog with your favorite pins from Pinterest! See you there!
Happy Happy Weekend!
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June 24, 2013

Daily Word Problems


Yesterday afternoon and I finished up my newest unit..
Daily Word Problem Unit
It includes 72 different word problems {colored and black and white cards are included}
I use these cards under my document camera each morning. I give my students a small piece of paper and they do the work and write the math fact and answer. If they get it correct- they get a sticker for their sticker charts.
{A full sticker chart = free homework pass}
After everyone turns in their paper we do the story/word problems together.

017  018
I also included a black and white version if you prefer to save a little ink! They are also great for math journals.
The set includes 72 different problems- including basic addition and subtraction and adding 3 numbers.
Here is the link if you are interested:

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June 21, 2013

Five for Friday {Linky Party.. June 21}


Happy 1st Day of Summer!

It has been a busy, busy week! And, I am a little worried about how fast my summer vacation is going. I have been out of school for over a month. It will be time for me to head back before I even know it. We start next school year the first week in August.

Yikes! I guess I better start on that summer to-do list!!!!


I spent all day Monday finishing up and listing my newest units. They are short vowel practice units. You can purchase them separate or as a bundled set. Here is the blog link with more details.

Short Vowel Practice Unit


On Wednesday I helped with another art/craft project at our local library. We made these super easy and fun dinosaurs this week!  Our art teacher from my school is in charge and my mom and I helpers!


Wednesday afternoon, I had to go to my school to do some testing on a student for next year. While I was there the summer art workshop was going on. The girls were painting an owl canvas and the boys were painting the cutest red jeep picture! I loved seeing their work and also seeing the kids. 


If you have read much of my blog before you know how much I think our students are blessed to have an amazing art program and talented art teacher! She is a blessing to our school!



Are you going to the I Teach K conference in Vegas next month? I am sending 2 gift cards  with Rachelle to give away at the Teacher/Blogger Meet-up. You can have a chance to win some of my stationery.


I need to spend some time this weekend adding some fun apps to these. What are your favorite apps to use with your students? Please share!


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Happy Weekend!!


June 18, 2013

Short Vowel Units


I am so happy {and super relieved} to FINALLY have my short vowel units finished and available in my store. These have been “in the works” for almost a year. You can buy each vowel individually or you can buy the bundle set. Click the covers below to see them in my store.

The individual units

{Click each cover picture below to see/purchase.}


All Five Sets Bundled Unit

{Click the cover picture below to see/purchase.}



Here is a look at the short a pack..

the e, i, o,and u packs are the same format.

Unscramble the Sentences:

6 sentences for students to cut and glue in order.


Cut and glue the words beside the correct picture sheet.

013    015

Follow directions to color the pictures.


Can you read these words?


I run multiple copies of this page on colored cardstock- then laminate. I call out words {or let students call them out} and we cover the words with counters, chips, etc..

Quick Word Check Boxes


These boxes are perfect individual practice. I work with students individually and they read the list of words to me. Six different word boxes are included.

Sentence Flash Cards

30 sentences are included. Perfect for small group instruction. I also these with my document camera when we work as a whole group. They also fit good in a pocket chart.


Word Flash Cards


There are also practice reading sheets that I use for homework but are also great for early finishers, morning work or quick assessments.


These units are all black and white {except for the cover and some pictures} to save on ink. I printed/copied some of the pages that I wanted to laminate on colored cardstock.

{Links for Cardstock & laminator info}

Here are the links one more time…


xoxo, kacey

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