June 24, 2013

Daily Word Problems


Yesterday afternoon and I finished up my newest unit..
Daily Word Problem Unit
It includes 72 different word problems {colored and black and white cards are included}
I use these cards under my document camera each morning. I give my students a small piece of paper and they do the work and write the math fact and answer. If they get it correct- they get a sticker for their sticker charts.
{A full sticker chart = free homework pass}
After everyone turns in their paper we do the story/word problems together.

017  018
I also included a black and white version if you prefer to save a little ink! They are also great for math journals.
The set includes 72 different problems- including basic addition and subtraction and adding 3 numbers.
Here is the link if you are interested:

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More than Math by Mo said...

This unit looks amazing! I just added it to my shopping cart :)
More Than Math by Mo

Linda P said...

I was looking for something to jazz up our math journals. These are PERFECT! In my cart!!! Thank you

findingthejoyinteaching said...

Thanks for creating these! Planning to try math journals this year!

Sitting Behind Homeplate said...

Pretty stinkin' cool! Just added it to my tpt cart.


Tiffany May said...

These are so stinkin cute! Can't wait to purchase.

(( Hugs))

Savanah Lynn said...

Is this unit no longer available?

Becky Kay said...

There is no longer a link?

lee woo said...

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