May 31, 2013

Five for Friday {Linky Party.. May 31}



Hello Friday!

My mind is centered on the BEACH! I leave tomorrow.. and getting ready to go on vacation is as time consuming as preparing for a substitute! Seriously, my to do list is loooong!


The stuff gathering to be packed is getting ridiculous.

My sister sent me this little comic strip years ago. It hangs on the bulletin board in my office.


And, it is so true. We definitely either need a flatbed trailer or a cargo plane to get there!

I was up this morning at 7 am baking cookies to take with us. I unwrapped 36 Reese’s peanut butter cups and didn’t eat a single one. That in itself is a miracle. I ♥ peanut butter!



I have my stack of books and my kindle charged up ready to go! Sleep, eat, read.. those are the three most important things for this week! I look forward to it each year.


My Doodle Bugs Paper website got a little makeover this week! I am just tickled to death with the results! Hop on over and take a peek!


I wanted to update you on the Oklahoma fundraiser that a group of us did last week. I cannot take any credit for any of the hard work that went into this successful fundraiser. Ashley was the workhorse behind the whole thing.


I was just one of the 25 teachers who donated a product for the fundraiser. We were thrilled when Ashley made the announcement that our final total was $29,394.00.. and 100% of the profit went directly to the American Red Cross to help the Moore Oklahoma tornado victims. Thank you to anyone who donated and helped us raise money.

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Enjoy your weekend!

May 24, 2013

Five for Friday {Linky Party .. May 24th}


Many of you are wrapping up your school year.. and many of you still have a few days or weeks left! But, I have wrapped up my first week of SUMMER VACATION! I have enjoyed every single minute of it.. and looking forward to the rest of my break!

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Here are my “five”…


A group of teachers across the country have joined up and are hosting a HUGE fundraiser for the Oklahoma tornado victims. 100% of the profit will go to the Oklahoma Red Cross. The fundraiser will probably be shut down sometimes today {Friday} so hurry if you would like to donate.

With a $25 donation you get over $250 worth of teacher downloads. Click the picture above to read more and donate. Last night, we were only a few dollars away from $15,000!! WOW!

Big thanks to Ashley for hosting and organizing this fundraiser!



The biggest blessing of having a summer break is having the opportunity to work on my Doodle Bugs Paper orders during normal hours and not before or after school or over the weekend. I have been working on orders every day and also have some new products & designs I want to add to the site.

024    025

I usually go work in my classroom on Wednesday mornings during the summer. My cleaning lady comes on Wednesday mornings and I try to get out of her way {before she puts me to work!!!}.

I did pop into my classroom this week and worked about an hour. I filled up one trash can with junk. Mostly kid stuff that I knew had to be thrown away but did not want to take the chance of doing while their little eyes were watching. You know… those piles, piles of love notes and pictures! And some work that I refused to grade the last week of school! I also went through some teacher resource books and got them back semi-organized.


I have a website- that has links to all my social media spots and stores. It needed a makeover and I am trying to get it looking better. I cannot for the life of me get the color codes to match and a few things are off-centered.. so it is still a work in progress. But, I have been working on it this week.


Last year I made a superhero theme set and it only had little boy superheros. I had several request to add girl superheros so I revised the set and it is really cute! I just might use these for the beginning of school myself!

What “theme” do you have in mind for next year? Or, are you even thinking about that… yet!?!?

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May 20, 2013

Social Media Links


Come find me in all these fun places!

ilovedoodlebugs4   ilovedoodlebugs13   

ilovedoodlebugs14 ilovedoodlebugs9

You might also know that Google Reader is about to be over! No fun!

Long ago, I read blogs in a reader call BlogLines and I almost cried when they shut down. I had to move to Google Reader.

Now Google Reader is shutting down and I am moving to Blog Lovin. 

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May 19, 2013

Summer Lovin’


I know most of the world is not out for summer break yet.. and I don’t mean to “rub it in” but I am loving every minute of mine. I got out Thursday afternoon and I have enjoyed the last three days.

I love a Sunday afternoon that doesn’t require lesson planning and getting ready for Monday morning!


First stop- the library. I have a kindle but there is nothing like a real book in your hands. I stopped in our local library Friday morning and picked up a few books. I need some book suggestions. No murder mysteries, historical fiction or sci-fi stuff.

Years ago a good teacher friend told me her “secret” to not wasting a summer day!

Make a daily and weekly five list and stick to it.

Each day list five things you need to get done that day.

Also make a weekly list of five things that doesn’t matter what day you get them done but you know sometimes this week you have to do them.


There is nothing I love more than a to-do list I can mark off.

You can click the picture above to download my to-do list form.


I have started working a little bit on designing some new stuff. I just redid my superhero classroom theme pack. If you have all ready purchased it- you can download it again for all the new additions. I might just have a superhero theme next year!!!



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May 17, 2013

Five for Friday {Linky Party.. May 17th}

Five random things about this past week.
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Well, obviously #1 in my life right now is that I am officially on SUMMER BREAK! Yesterday was my last day.

We enjoyed a luau breakfast party at a local church and a trip to a  park before parents picked up and summer break began!


I gave my kids a little goodbye gift.
I found these little boxes of gum crayons at Dollar Tree a few weeks ago. I printed & laminated a class picture and tied them up with ribbon.

I spent my first day of summer vacation working on stationery orders. I love the extra time I have in the summer to work on my business. It frees up my nights and weekends and gives me free time that I miss so much during the school year.  Here are a few things I worked on this morning.

I know I have posted about Ebates several times before.. but seriously why are you NOT using it?!??!
My husband was in the car with me when I went to the bank earlier this week and he asked what this check was about.. he didn’t buy that it was FREE money!Four times a year- I get a check simply by visiting Ebates before I shop online.

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Happy Weekend!!!!!!!!!!


May 14, 2013

Kindergarten Summer Work


Every year in May, I am lucky and get to spend a morning with my next year’s class.


This year, I wanted to send home a folder of summer practice work. It is full of reading and math practices.


I have this pack listed in my store if you are interested. It is great practice for kindergarten peeps heading into first grade!




xoxo, kacey

May 10, 2013

Five for Five {Linky Party.. May 10}


Don’t hate me but I have… FOUR days of school left!

The light is shining bright and I can see the end of the tunnel. I honestly feel like I am in survival mode right now.


I made these little photo magnets to give to our special class teachers {music, pe, art, etc..}. It was a perfect little teacher appreciation/end of the year gift. I just printed a class picture and put them on white tiles and put a magnet on the back. We did a Mother’s Day version below.

Here is a look at our Mother’s Day gifts..


I bought these initial letters at Hobby Lobby and painted them pink. I took a picture of each child with the letters.


We Mod-Podged the pictures onto small tiles.


After they dried, we put peel & stick magnets on the back.


Then we did a little step-by-step gift wrapping.

{not so easy for first graders! HA!}


They took them home and I hope parents will enjoy them.


We worked on another spring time directed drawing activity this past week.

011     012

And.. you always have some really great ones. And….. you have some that make you wonder??!?! That is the beauty of a directed drawing activity.

013 009   


You can find these caterpillars and five other step-step drawing directions in my Spring Directed Drawings Pack.

I have been working on putting some of my Months of the Year ideas and activities together for a unit. One of things we did this week was to spell the months of the year. This is one of the projects on my summer to-do list. I am excited to get started working on it soon!



This morning I got to spend a few hours with my future first graders for next year. It is always fun to get a little practice time with them before they come to me next year. I had them do a little independent work while I read and did some number recognition work with each one.


I also sent them home with my “Getting Ready for First Grade” summer pack.


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