August 29, 2012

Cats and Color Words Unit



I finally finished my latest unit.. Cats and Color Words! This is a great back to school unit for first grade.. or great for kindergarten anytime! It focuses on the 10 basic color words with some cool, multicolored cats. Great for your Pete the Cat activities!

You can find the unit here: Cats and Color Words Unit



Here is a glimpse of what is included:


Color Word Clip Charts: Students clip a clothes pin next to the correct color.


There is also a follow up sheet included where students color the circles next to the color words.


Sentence/Picture Match: Students read the sentence and match it to the correct picture card.


There are also 3 versions of the cut and paste sentence sheets to do as a follow-up activity.


These fit perfect in a pocket chart!!


Color Word/Picture Match: Students match the color word to the correct cat picture.


A follow-up / recording sheet is also included.


This is a great little matching activity for the pocket chart.. but can be used on a table or on the floor.


Count by 5’s Cards plus a recording sheet.


Count by 10’s Cards plus a recording sheet.


Cat Patterning Cards: Students complete the patterns using the different color cats.


A follow-up sheet is included where students color and make their own patterns.


A student fill in the blank book: Students color the cats then fill in the blanks. You can have students write I see a {insert color word} cat. OR just the color word on the blank.


You can find the unit here: Cats and Color Words Unit


♥ kacey ♥

August 26, 2012

September Calendar Cards {free download}



The September calendar cards are ready to be download. You can click {here} to download them for free from my TpT store.


And.. this completes the whole year! I started making these in October last year. You can find every month’s cards in my store. They are all free to download.


Hope you enjoy! If you download please leave a comment letting me know! Have a great Sunday!

Link: September Calendar Cards

xoxo Kacey

August 25, 2012

Color Word Matching Activity {free download}


I hope you are having a great Saturday. I am popping in to share a quick little free activity with you.

I whipped up these color word owl match cards last weekend for us to use in the pocket chart this past week.  You can download a free set {here}.


They fit perfect in a pocket chart {you know I love pocket charts!!} or they can be used on a table or on the floor!



Link to Download: Color Word Owl Match Cards

xoxo, kacey

August 24, 2012

Freebie Friday {teacher week}


Happy Friday!!

Today is the last day of Teacher Week over at Blog Hoppin’. Today is all about freebies so make sure you jump over to the site and see what everyone is sharing.


One of the activities we did last week was to use letter cards to practice spelling names. I wish I had better pictures of these but I got busy helping and forget to take more pictures.

But here are a few…


I copied these letter cards on all different colors of construction paper and divided my class into groups of 3. I gave them each a “bucket of letters” and a sentence strip. They had to find the letters to spell their names.


After they found their letters they had to cut them out, and glue them in order. I don’t have any pictures after they started cutting or gluing.


This was great practice for names but we will use these cards all year to spell words. You can download a free set of letter cards from my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.

The cards include all 26 letters lowercase and uppercase.

Here is the direct link: Letter Cards

August 21, 2012

Kindergarten Math Review Sheets


I realized pretty quickly this year was that I needed to make a set of kindergarten review sheets to use with my first graders before we started our math program. 


I have used these the past two weeks to reinforce kindergarten skills and also work on independent work. I have used the sheets for morning work and also as homework. They have been a lifesaver!


The set includes 19 math review sheets that focus on numbers 0-20, color words and number words zero-ten.


I have bundled all the review sheets together and listed them in my TpT store.


If you are interested.. check them out! They are a great price at $3.00.

Here is the link: Kindergarten Math Review Sheets

August 20, 2012

Must Have Monday {Teacher Week}



I am joining up with Blog Hoppin’ to celebrate Teacher Week.

Here are a few things I think are “must haves” to make it through the day!


My phone- I use it all day long for the calendar, clock, email, internet, timer, camera.. and probably more.



Water. I drink at least 3 of these big cups a day. It is seriously what keeps me going at school.

And the chocolate and peanut butter is just an added bonus!




My computers.. laptop that stays in the house, my school computer and my office computer. And usb drives- so I can have all my files, fonts, graphics, etc.. on any of the three computers.


Personalized lesson plans..

{It is also really great that I don’t have to write detailed lesson plans either!}


My office.. the best decision I have made was to move Doodle Bugs out of my house. One day, I will show you the insides {it is painted pink!} This is where all my stationery orders are processed- and where MOST of my lesson planning and designing happens.


My laminator. Here is a blog post with more info…



Pocket Charts- if you have read my blog before you know how I LOVE LOVE LOVE a pocket chart. I also promise to share more about how I use pocket charts in my classroom one day soon.


Jump over and join me and the other girls as we host Teacher Week this week.. and see what other teachers consider a “must have”.

August 12, 2012

Let’s Go Shopping



The TpT Sale has started.

All items in my store are 20% off then if you enter the coupon code BTS12 during checkout you can get an additional 10% off.

Whooo Hooo!

Check out some of my products below! You can click on the picture to see each product or you can visit my store by clicking the link at very bottom.

Happy Shopping!


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